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Recent posts by arvin ramon

Has anyone heard from Sun Micro on the SCDJWS 5 Beta results?
I would look for any books written by Rita Mulcahy... I have found her books quite useful in my preparation for PMP. Her books are clear and concise.

When are you planning to take the exam?

Good Luck!!!
Checked in the Sun Certmgr and the status of SCSNI seems to have changed to "Certified" with the date I wrote the exam.


I would prefer SCDJWS to any IBM or Oracle certifications on web services because SCDJWS spans a wide variety of web services technologies and standards. Gives you insight into BP, WSDL, UDDI and also various Java Specifications relating to Web Services.

Good Luck!
Congrats!!! MZ materials really do make difference in the SCDJWS exam... Thanks MZ!!!

Folks... I have not gotten any notification either by snail mail or by email... But, I was able to login to my Sun Certification Manager account at the following web page ( and see that I had passed in the SCSNI certification...

This is something that you can do as well if you have a Sun Certmgr account.

Good Luck!!!

Looks like the problem is resolved... I was able to register for the exam without providing any credit card numbers...

Same here... Called Prometric this morning and they seemed puzzled that their system is asking for 300 bucks. They asked me to check with them again in 48 hours.

Just sent an email to the Sun Beta group as well reporting this problem.

Thanks Sherif... Congrats Again!
Congrats Sherif.

What did you have to study to pass the exam?
Think most people posted Oreilly EJB book 5th edition was useful. Perhaps that might be all you might need plus sun's tutorial on JPA.
Thanks Abhishek. I have the exam in a week and I have done jsp and servlet in the past. Wanted something to quick refresh. I will try the HFSJ book and see how it works out.
Congrats and thanks for the tip. Is reading HFSJ alone is good enough to pass the exam?