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Recent posts by Grigoriy Oplachko

Hi All,
I'm java developer from Eastern Europe.
I have almost 8 years experience working with java/jee technologies, last 4 years as senior java developer.
Our project's customer said that he is out of money, so I'm looking for remote job now.
I want to find permanent remote full time job, but will also consider temporary or part time job opportunity.
Several words about myself:
- Have computer science master degree
- Speak English well
- Have experience working for US-based company in distributed team (~ 5 local guys and 5 guys from US)
- Have solid communication and collaboration experience with US Architects and Project Managers
- Passed Sun Certified Java Developer exam (310-055) in 2006
- Can give you contacts of US guys I worked with for the feedback on your request
- Ready to work on any kind of tasks: new functionality implementation, bug fixing, creating reports, write documentation, write tests to existing code etc.

Brief list of technologies I worked with:
Java 1.4, 1.5
EJB 2.x, EJB 3.x
Application Servers: JBoss 3.x, 4.x; Weblogic 6.х, 8.x, Websphere 5.x, Geronimo 2.1.x, Tomcat 5.x
RDBMS: Oracle 9i, 10i
UML modeling (tools: Enterprise Architect, UML MagicDraw)
Web frameworks: struts1, webwork2.x, struts2.x
Javascript/AJAX frameworks: dojo, jQuery, DWR
IDE: Eclipse, Idea, JBuilder
Jee frameworks: Spring(IoC, AOP, Spring Security, Web Flow, Qartz)
Test frameworks: jUnit, jUnitee, Testng
ORM frameworks: hibernate 2.x, 3.x, JPA
Bug tracking systems: Jira, Mantis, Clear Quest
Continuous integration: cruise control 2.8.x, bamboo
Porlets 1.x, 2.0 (JSR168, JSR 286)
Development methodologies: RUP, Agile
Version control systems: CVS, SVN, Rational Clear Case, Perforce
Report tools: Jasper reports (iReport), FOP

So if you want to have a reliable, experienced developer with low salary rate, please mail me to
And I will send you detail resume and comprehensive information about me.
11 years ago
I understand that confidence plays big role, if I were a manager I'd rather hire someone local (in the ideal world person I worked with earlier) then anonymous person from Eastern Europe. But what about recommendetions and references, do they worth nothing? They can always contact my former employer and have superficial information about me. Also phone interview could give first impression about the employee.
Also, personally in most companies there are a lot of work they can 'get rid of' or pass to somebody else, I mean fixing of old noncritical bugs, useless custom features implementation, projects support etc. So the job that is not critical for the company and needs to be done somewhere.
But the thing I'm thinking of is 'It should be companie's policy hiring outsource developers, they should already have some guys working remotely it another countries independently', have you ever heard about such companies?
And the last thing is that I do not claim to get complicated, serious, time critical tasks from the very first day. The more time I will work for the company the more confidence I will gain the more critical tasks they will pass me.
12 years ago
Some more questions if you do not object...
Yeah, everything is revative, but I do not think that 15$ per hour is a big rate for most companies for senior developer's job.
Actually I do not mention my desired hourly rate while posting the resume or writing covering letter. Do you think it's a doog idea?
And what's your opinion about recruiting agencies? Does it make sence to to post my resume to them?
Have you ever seen any examples company hiring remote developers from outside the country? It not a common practice, but I heard about some of them before crisis, but I did not need a job then so I did not even remember companies' names.
Thanks for your reply!
12 years ago
Hi, all!
I'm java developer with 7+ years of exp working with java technologies, last 4 years I'm working in different companies only for US customers, have Sun sertificate, have exp working in distributed dev team, have US visa, can provide positive referenced from previous places of employment, etc... Several months ago I could not even imagine that I will have to find the job now, because during several past years I did not find the job, but the job was always seeking for me.
Now I'm trying to find a remote job on permanent contract basis, I found several vacations of European and US customers where was saidthat they need a developer working from home(they did not mentioned that I should have sitizenship or work permission to obtain the position), so I sent resume to several companies and did not get any reply.
So the question is, what happened during the past six months? From my expirience I was always appointed the interview the next day or in two days after I've sent the resume.
So guys, what's your opinion, why employers lost interest to remote development?
One the one hand it's crisis now, but on the other hand my time is much cheaper then hourly rate of the US or European developer, so the employer could save money hiring me.
Probably employers do not want to deal with people from another country, who do not have work permission for instance in US? But the remote job means that I'm going to work remotely No matter what the place is.
Probably they are afraid of communication problems? But I easily communicate via skype for several years with my coaleagues from US...
So guys, what do you think, is it possible to find a remote job nowadays, living in another country? Or I'm just loosing my time in vain and should find job locally?
12 years ago
Hi all,

I'm finding from the existing solutions the open source calendar portlet (the servlet implementation would also be fine).
Main requirement is the ability to store in DB events scheduled by different users.

Could anybody recommend any proven solution?

Liferay portals use much liferay-specific code - so the embedding of such code to the existing application would be rather difficult.
The gems project looks like is no longer being supported.
Synex in not the open source portlet reposiory.

Desirable that it would use hibernate for persistence and struts for view layer.

Thanks in advance!
13 years ago