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Recent posts by kalpana black


i am read a xml file from java code. while am trying to modify the xml by the following code, it is displaying the modified data. but in the real xml file the modification has not been reflected.

Element fstElmnt = (Element) fstNode;

please help me out in this issue.
Can you give more explanation about Jquery
Need of reference(ebook or link) for Cross-browser(Internet Explorer 7 - firefox 2.0) coding standards, tips and problem fixes for javascript and html.

if anyone have crossed and found out remedy in this regard pls help me out.

while i am running an application in tomcat server its working fine...
But i couldn't see tomcat home by http://<IPaddr>:<port Number>

why is it so? whether i have to set specific environment variable?
can anyone clear me this issue?
thanks in advance
13 years ago
can anyone send me coding to create frames in struts project.
i jus tried with normal HTML coding. but thats not working..
14 years ago
i have created a form with ajax and xml having a text field. while entering an alphabet it should drop down all the entities,(starting with that alphabet) of particular column of database.
its working fine. but while entering 'f' its not displaying anything even there are entities starting with 'f' in database..

is there any specific notable reason behind this?

could you please anyone help me in this?
as of now i am able to display the codes like xml or html from servlet while running it in server by setting the contentpane("text/xml");

is it possible to save that as a file?
ie. can we create a xml file whose nodes and elements to be created at the runtime of servlet?
[ October 18, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
14 years ago
i want to access the VSS through Java,probably i can check in/Check out the documents in/from to VSS thru a web application ,on the web application if i say upload the documents,the document should be checked in...and view on the application should retreive that doc from VSS and it should display...

can anyone suggest me in this...
14 years ago
I'd like to display data structure on my JSP page. Its a trick, as
recursion is not possible in JSP as compared to what we can do in a normal
class, any idea how this can be done?

thanks in advance
14 years ago
hi all,

am working with developing an interface like MICROSOFT-VSS with 'CheckIn' and 'CheckOut' buttons..

for CheckIn i am selecting a file from local machine to place it in a 'Shared location'.. In real VSS the given file is being stored in some other format and in some unknown folder like 'a to z' of the Shared location.

here i got stuck..

can anyone help me in this VSS database...

thank you..

i have changed my last name..

please reply to my query
14 years ago

i want to display root directory and its sub directories and in turn its file names like explore window in jsp...

can anyone help me in this...

thanks in advance...
14 years ago
is this possible to develop an interface like VSS software in java technology?
14 years ago