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Recent posts by Rajeshv

Can anyone pls explain to me about smart tags.(ie its advantages & what are all we need to execute these smart tags)
Hi Sophia
the good sites that i found are,,

Originally posted by Sophia Oscario:
hello all,
I'm really interested in XML, XSL and friends.
But I'm a newbie in it, just starting to learn it.
So, anybody can give me the right direction to start ?
Where can I find good references and tutorial for it ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Nitin
U can use IE5.x version browesers to run your xml files.IE supports everything for XML.
All the best

Originally posted by nitin sharma:
could anyone of u tell me which version of internet explorer is required to learn XML?.I have IE 5.0, can i practice xml using internet explorer 5.0 if not then please let me know the exact version of IE.

Hi Amit
Thank u for your response.That plugin's will help only on the client side right??.Actually i want to have some thirdparty tool that can be registered in to the server,so that i can run my xml anywhere on anybrowser(ie IE & NN).I will definetly try your request and let u know the result.
Thanks & regards

Originally posted by Amit Ganatra:

Hi Rajesh,
As far as I know, IE 5.0 has an inbuilt XML parser to support XML documents hence things work properly when XML is used with IE 5.0.
Netscape doesnt have an inbuilt support for XML. U will have to download some plugins formt their website for Netscape to support XML.
Hope this helps,
Amit Ganatra

Can any one pls explain to me how I can run an xml file on netscape.?I am able to extract xml files using the DOM object and things are working perfectly on IE 5.0.