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Recent posts by Milton Ochoa

Hi. Can you please share a link of training courses. Thanks

guru prasanth wrote:
Candidates must complete one of the online or in class instructor led courses below to obtain this certification.

Can you tell me please:
which course is the cheapest?

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:

Milton Ochoa wrote:

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:No. Self study courses do not count towards the training requirement.

I have doub, becaus in the page, exist another options...

This page says online or instructor led. Where do you see that a self study CD is ok?

You al right :-( is a lot of money

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:No. Self study courses do not count towards the training requirement.

I have doub, becaus in the page, exist another options...
What I know, the Assignment must be submitted before to take the Essay.
Thank you all for the replies :-)
12 years ago

Andrew Monkhouse wrote:Not quite, although the confusion is understandable.

My understanding is that after you submit part 2, there will be minimal validation done on the jar file - just enough to confirm that it identifies you and can be extracted. You will then be sent a confirmation that your submission has been received. You will then be able to use this confirmation when booking part 3.

However the same rule as before still applies - part 2 will not be graded without part 3.

Hi, this minimal validation how long will it takes? is to know how long I have to do the essay.
Hi Rancher,

Somebody know about the"Wireless Phone Company" Assignment ?

In the end of the assignment.the 4 section: "Marking", mention the minimum scores that must be obtained to pass, but states: "The tentative marking for this beta is Described bellow ..."

And the sum of all points resulting in 160, this score usually have all assignments?, or is that me in particular gave me a draft for review in BETA?

Roberto Milev wrote:This is the response I got from oracle about this same question:

Hi Roberto,

Please note that you will not be able to schedule the essay exam before uploading the assignment. We request you to confirm us the date of purchase of your assignment or provide us the confirmation email received after purchasing the assignment, so that we can issue the voucher to you.

After completing the assignment you can upload the same by following the steps which we have provided. Once you upload the assignment you will be able to schedule the essay exam, you can schedule the essay on the same day you upload the assignment.

OCP Team

This is what I imagined, thanks for the confirmation.

Because in the statements made ​​ORACLE, gave the impression that they validated the file. jar (assignment) and then gave you an answer, if you were skilled to do the essay

Devashish Bansal wrote:Do you mean that you purchased voucher of $125 from
and then went at Pearson site and selected Master Assignment and then it would have shown price as $300 but when you applied oracle voucher ($125) this amount reduced from $300 to $0 ??
If you did not applied voucher yet, it might be the case that when you apply on pearson site, it only reduces from $300 to say $175.

Yesterday I purchased assignment by paying $300 by following this

Is price dependent on your country? I live in Germany (additional VAT 19% here )

If not country-specific then why such a huge difference in price?

I think that is country-specific

I did the same procedure, and the moment I'm going to pay, automatically applies a discount and the price stays at $ 125

PD: I am taking the exam in Colombia
Today I paid $125 for the 1Z0-865 (Assignment) at Person vue, for your country India is the same $125