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I just passed the exam, and I used Whizlabs, but the level of difficulty is far to high compared to the real exam. And the questions of Whizlabs cover more details than the exam objectives require.
And then there is their spelling problems.....

I would go for Enthuware if I had to do it again. I tried the free questions and they came much closer to my final score.

Good luck!
Hey all,

Today I passed the SCWCD with 81%.

The preparations I took was first reading the HFSJ, and then reading it again. The mock exam at the end is a good reflection of the real exam, except that on the real exam they give you the number of answers.

I also bought the Whizlabs software but I wasn't very satisfied with this. The level of the Whizlabs questions was much higher than the level of the real exam, and a lot of topics that are not in the exam objectives do appear in the Whizlabs questions. And I wont mention their spelling...

I also did the preview exam of Enthuware, and that seemed to be a better comparison to the real exam, so if you want to buy something, I would consider the latter.

So succes to you all, and thanks for all the help I had from the forum.