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Recent posts by vijay shanker

Please forgive me if this is not a right forum for this question. I thought of this as most relevant

I am working on a project which is classified in to two independent web apps. Let’s say then project A and Project B. These both projects are being developed and maintained in separate SCM. Now I have got a requirement to share the project in infrastructure of project A. That means header and footer jsp pages of the project A will be same for the project B. When the header and footer projects are shared the data like user model (part of project A) is also need to be shared between projects. The main data shared between these projects is user name. When user navigates from a page of project A to a page in project B, He/she should see the welcome message in the header and relevant links in the Footer.

Please give me some insight about what are the options available for me to design my development and deployment architecture?

One solution I am thing is :

Create a Third Project for the common JSP pages and share that JSP files in both Project A and Project B.
Hi all,

I have been asked to look in to the Authentication & Authorization of a website. This website is developed on Spring framework and current security issues are handled by spring's security module. Current state of security has to many special cases that are making it vulnerable.

Now i have asked to look in to this and if possible; remove this security project away form main website project.

So can you please give me some pointer and ideas; that will be helpful in designing my project well and will be robust enough to impress the managers.

14 years ago
Hi all,

Is there any way to read properties (like:- title, album) form a MP3 file.

I did a search in java api but did not get any thing relevant.

One option is javax.sound.sampled.AudioFileFormat; but it does not support mp3 file format.

What should i do; any suggestion!

14 years ago
Hi friends;

i am asked to Watch a specified folder(example c:/adc) for new folders added.

how should i do this. any head start.
14 years ago
Hi all,

i looked at the sun site for Java activation framework(JAF). But not able to correlate it with any thing.

can any one please simplify the reason and the concept of this library.
14 years ago
This is quite unusual question as the term in itself defines the whole context. But what i mean to know is this variable will be local for all the child threads.

If i have got a Thread Local variable it will be local for all the classed evoked by this particular thread.
14 years ago
My project to implement connection pooling between two server. and i am using connection pool as a mechanism to manage connections.

To communicate between these two servers i am using HttpClient library. Sending contents form A to B or C in the customized headers.

Now the problem part:
lets say i have two servers. main server is A. there are two other service providing services to this A. lets call then B and C.

My requirement:

I have 5 open connections from A to B. If all 5 connections are active and being used. then a should try to connect to server C. server C has also 5 open connection.

How should i design this connection manager.

My plan:
I should manage two different pools for both the servers. If server B got exhausted try to get a connection object from another pool.

Please let me know your expert opinions.
14 years ago

Nathan Pruett wrote:You're going to need to describe your application more...

App-A is main application which is responsible to serve all the incoming requests. there are multiple fronts from where the request may come to App-A.

there are multiple instances of App-B. This App-B is just forwarding its requests to App-A for the further processing as soon as it receive a request. App-b will send response back to user.
14 years ago
Hi group ranchers,

I have two spring based applications; lets called App-A and App-B. App-A is primary application. App-B is serving as a client of App-A.

For communication between these two applications, i am using simple HTTP Request-Response cycle between these two applications.

Now i have a requirement two add another instance of App-B. when i deploy App-B; App-A will have two nodes to connect with services.

I am planning to use commons-pool for managing connection between these two nodes and App-A.

How should i proceed to design this integration
14 years ago
There is something missing in my requirement and your suggestions.

1. i am not aware of what format user enters to input time values. It can be like i said 9:30PM or 9:30 PM or 9:30 pm or 9:30pm or 9:30p.
2. i see SimpleDateFormat supports to fetch time formats from any input text. but not able to identify how to set variable format like i have given above.
3. Throwing exception is not my motive. I want to perceive what any user has given in the input. and i want it to be correctively perceived,

14 years ago

Maneesh Godbole wrote:Check out Simple Date Format

ya i looked in to this class too; But i am not able to get any clear idea about how should i proceed.

Please help me out.
14 years ago
Hi Group,

I am working on a project in which i need to date date and time values from input text.

I am planning to use Pattern class for this.

my questions are
- how feasible is to use this class for this operation
- Is there any other option i can look forward for.

For more example i made this pattern to read simple time input

although it is working well. but this is not all the case. if user enters 06:30a, or 06:30aM, then i am screwed.

what should i do for this. What will be the best approach for this project.

14 years ago
Thank Mrark,

It is what i am thinking. and implemented. But i just wanted to know if there are any work around for this.

14 years ago
Hi Friends,

I want to update JNDI name values at the rum time. How should i proceed.

Here goes my case:
I am creating admin console for a web application. In the way to designing this console i found some beans defined like

As you all must have perceived i am asking container to fill these values via JNDI lookup.
To get this job done i am using PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer

Now my requirement is to update values for


via admin console.

After overriding the PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer, i am able to update update these properties in the file. But these changes are not being reflected system wide.

What should i do? how can i process to solve this situation
14 years ago
Hi coders,

I have got an assignment to download/upload files form a localhost. i have successfully completed this task.

But i want to log message when a download is completed.

Is there any way, to find out the time a file download process takes.

I want to make some decisions, when the file-download is completed.

15 years ago