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I would like to know what are the changes I will have to make in the application running in weblogic 9.2 to make it run in weblogic 12c. Any link will be of great help
8 years ago

I am getting java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: ocijdbc11.dll error while deploying an ear in weblogic 9.2 managed server.Can anyone help on this.
we have oracle 10 and we are using ojdbc14.jar.I have also set the path and classpath.Please suggest what else has to be done to resolve te issue.

8 years ago
HI i want to increase the JVM size in red hat linux 5 using a .sh file.

I hav written the comand in my .sh file as

export JAVA_OPTIONS="-Xss2M"

its not increasing the JVM size please suggest what command has to be there to change the JVM size on executing a .sh file its urgent
10 years ago
i am doing a update query.when i am clicking the update button its updating in the database but when i am again calling the values in the next page its showing me the old values.what can be the problem???

please do help

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[ April 17, 2008: Message edited by: Jeanne Boyarsky ]
I have an oracle database in which there is a table called users

the table consists of various fields like


in the role there are two types of roles "admin" and "user"

the "admin" in the table can insert,update or delete the table but the user can't

do i have to set these previlages for the "admin" in the oracle database manually or i have to do it through my jdbc application???

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[ April 10, 2008: Message edited by: Jeanne Boyarsky ]
13 years ago
i am not able to insert values in the database is the query correct ???

thanks a ton for your help i just figured out the problem and solved it.thank you for your co-operation
this is ma jsp page

and i have made the certain changes according to it in the java bean also changing the "state" to "states1" ..... no value is zero over here as soon as it reaches the line in the java bean

it comes out and the debugger doesn't reaches the line
states line in the java bean
as soon as the debugger is reaching the line

it shows me session invalidated and the null pointer exception
while debugging i am able to debug till the employee last name but as soon as it goes to debug the states it shows me session invalidated with a java.lang.nullpointer exception
i have a jsp page which has backing bean in java

the source code for it is given below

i m getting a null poitner exception for this please let me know why i am getting so???
[ March 25, 2008: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ]
<h:outputText value="#{TestView.madeStatement}" />

i have a jsp page with the the outputtext tag the value of the output tag is derived from the "TestView" java bean which it is unable to access ...can somebody tell me the problem with it
13 years ago
i have a jsp page in which this tag is given <h:outputText value="#{view.employeefirst}"/> here "view" is my bean in javaEE and the "employeefirst" is the function present in it.In the jsp page the "employeefirst" is not being accessed can somebody please tell me the solution for this.
13 years ago
can i give alert messages?? if yes then how???
14 years ago
can i give alert messages?? if yes then how???
[ November 02, 2007: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
14 years ago