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I was able to download it, if you still have troubles just send me an email and I send you the file.. thanks for the link


That's incredible, congratulations, go and celebrate as hard as you can, you must celebrate, this is not an ordinary score.

Congrats again..
8 years ago
I just started a google group on this subject,

please refer to:

[ARG:link to group hosting illegal material removed]
first 10 members will be admins... jeje
I just start preparing for this certification...

I read the first lines of MZ tutorial...

but I did not undrestand a thing.... is there something more basic??

Udara Bentota wrote:Hey Aniruddha !!

Although this thread seems to be dead, i was just wondering whether this study group is still running for 1.5 exam..
If it is still up please add me as well. google
If it is not somebody with experience in the exam please start a new one since it will be a great resource !


if it is dead, we can start out a new one, addme

m4rkuz at
Just passed the SCWCD 5.0 with 85% a few minutes ago

It was a lot easier than SCJP.

To achive this (besides my day to day job experience) just studied Head First Servlets & JSP 2nd Edition.
And did all the mocks I could get (Marcus Green, HF S&JSP, javaranch scwcd mock, etc. )

Thanks you all.
9 years ago
I got the same problem, the strange ting is thar with tomahawk 1.1.6 works correctly then I upgrade and stop woriking..
I put the following in my web.xml to prevent this
10 years ago

10 years ago
Try to make one pass to all the question in the exam just answering the ones you are completly sure then mark the tricky ones and check them when you finish the first round that would help you a lot.
10 years ago

Thanks for the advice
10 years ago

how was the exam?
10 years ago
That's good but you should take a look to the certification objectives and/or follow a certification book, that will help you to focus on the things you really need to learn for the scjp
10 years ago
You can get a read at the sun certification objectives for SCJP..

Try finding SJCP study material, I recomend to you K&B Book

And Thank you for the history, and advice.
10 years ago