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Recent posts by camilo cerchiari

hi Ramesh,

i'd like to know if you finally found information about DBCP and Fast Connection Failover.
if so, please post your findings.

6 years ago

Dilipkumar Jadhav wrote:Maybe it is just me, but could it be an issue exclusively with tomcat 6.0.18. I deployed tomcat 6.0.18 on my laptop & I had to resolve this little issue with the startup using the dll file. However, on my office installation of tomcat 6.0.14 it was smooth flowing. No issues there.
Anyone else who faced this on a particular instance of tomcat?...

i guess you'll have to wait a couple of years for your question to be answered...
9 years ago
it soooo long, but well.....
i had that problem and fixed it.
copy the file msvcr71.dll from the bin dir of your java installation, to the bin dir of the tomcat installation.
that worked for me in windows xp.

10 years ago
hi all,

i'm having conflicts between a RequestDispatcher.include(...) and a response.getOutputStream() call. what i'm getting is a getWriter() already been called when the second method is called.

i'd like to know if this is a known 'feature' to any of you. perhaps RequestDispatcher.include(...) is 'implicitly' calling the getWriter(). if so, how could i workaround that, in order to succsesfully call response.getOutputStream() afterwards?

i'm using a gzip compression filter (from Jayson Falkner book which looked like beign causing this, but the problem keeps happening even after taking its declaration out of the web.xml.

any ideas are very much appreciated.

11 years ago