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Is this something you can get hired for with little experience?
The only jobs left in the US require tons of experience or just having graduated from school.
13 years ago
Expires June 30 2009, Includes 1 free retake
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13 years ago

Varun Nayudu wrote:Hi

I think certifications have no value , they just prove that you know java . But when you go for interviews you should know the practical stuff too which only can be learned through experience. I have gone through many post and read many articles and come to the conclusion that nobody puts any emphasis on certification when you go out in the world . It just qualifies that you know java and nothing else .

If North america , Europe dont put emphasis then who does i know for sure that in india no body care how many certifications you have.I guess its thesame everywhere.

I know that certifications are big in Microsoft land and Cisco but I don't think anybody cares about Java certifications in the US.
13 years ago
I'm just wondering if it is a worth while technology to learn at this point in time, if I don't know it already given the other mobile technologies?
13 years ago
Why would anybody want to take anything but the 6.0 now?
It would be like buying the previous version of a book when they both cost the same amount.
Well I used to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and that passing the SCJP meant something!
Is the Pope Catholic? Of course they know they are cheating.
I have an email from someone who requested Dump from me and perhaps others. Later I saw that he had proudly put that he passed the SJCP 1.5 with 94% on LinkedIn.
Makes me want to puke!

[ September 05, 2008: Message edited by: doug rosenberg ]
I would say the generic questions are not tricky. You just need to understand what is in the Sierra & Bates book.
As for the "drag and drops", I would recommend using some commercial test software that has drag and drops. I was very short on funds so I winged it. It's a little disconcerting to have these questions with 8 parts and you must get all 8 parts right to get any credit.

Like others have mentioned you can not go back and check the "drag and drops" without erasing the entire question. In fact, you don't even know the question you might erase (unless you have written it down)! That being said, when I had the extra 1/2 hour at the end, I just reviewed the questions without drag-drop.
[ August 30, 2008: Message edited by: doug rosenberg ]
13 years ago
Thank you everybody! Just squeaked by with a 69%
Which I figure is a 3 question margin. I did poorly in the threads section. There are like 10 questions in a row on that and as I mentioned before, I was not prepared for the Drag and drops.
One little piece of advice is to bring Gum even if you are not normally a Gum chewer.It keeps you awake for the 3.5 hours!

I'm thinking of doing the J2ME certification next but I don't know if this is going to be obsolete?
[ August 29, 2008: Message edited by: doug rosenberg ]
13 years ago
Thank you Kathy and Bert for your great book! Without the focus the book brings to the task of studying for the certification, it would have been impossible for me! The test was grueling, 3.5 hours!
Be prepared for a lot of threading questions. You must know Threading in your sleep forward and backwards. Also none of the free practice tests I used had drag and drop and there are a lot of these on the test. Some of these questions have like something like 7 drag and drop components.
[ August 28, 2008: Message edited by: doug rosenberg ]
13 years ago
Did the exam you purchased have Drag and Drop questions?
I just took the exam and it was little bit of a shocker to see so many drag and drop questions.
[ August 28, 2008: Message edited by: doug rosenberg ]
The assertion that the practice exams from the book are worthless is incorrect. I have the 5.0 version so I don't know if the following is also true for the new book.

Use the Quiz mode instead of the exam mode and select "Open Book". That will tell you if you have an incorrect answer after every question and give you the reference.
It seems like some of these postings are subtle ads for Whizlabs a lot of the time.
A map lets you retrieve a Object based upon a key. The key is the unique part number. Map<Key,value>

With the set, you would only be able to determine if the key was contained in the set. You have no way of connecting the key with the Object.
They probably don't let you surf the net while you take the test so it will be less distracting. Since your results are on the line it will have you to focus when you take the actual test.