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I agree, a large part of this test is the trickiness of the questions and if you are tired it's going to be harder to notice those things. Make sure to get some good sleep. Cramming really isn't the best idea, just try to make a simple review of the points you need to remember.
13 years ago
I agree, a large part of this test is the trickiness of the questions and if you are tired it's going to be harder to notice those things. Make sure to get some good sleep. Cramming really isn't the best idea, just try to make a simple review of the points you need to remember.
13 years ago
Can you post more of the actual code?
Yeah option C is not correct. You never know what thread will be executed. You can set the priority but what runs is up to the JVM.

As far as D goes I believe they mean that it's in the runnable state. I believe D Is the correct answer but it's worded pretty strangely so I'm not 100%.
Don't be discouraged! I haven't seen anyone's results from Java blackbelt to know how they did on the test but try searching to see their results. If you have prepared to 8 months and read K&B twice I can't imagine you would have too much of a problem passing the SCJP (can't say for sure though). One thing about the mock exams that is good to get experiance with is how tricky the questions can be.

Did you try to see what types of problems you are getting wrong? If so then you could figure if you get the tricky ones wrong or the API questions or whatever questions involved.
13 years ago
Just for fun I started reading the introduction to the K&B book, when I came across a really interesting/crazy quote:

"The Sun Certified Programmer exam is considered one of the hardest (if not the hardest) in the IT industry..."

Wow I was pretty shocked to hear that. Is that actually true? I've heard from numerous people that the test is really a beginners test and is not created to be that hard. The bar is fairly low being that it's 57% (of course the questions are quite tough) but is it really one of the hardest in IT?

I've heard a lot that the Cisco CCIE test is insanely difficult, even the CCNA has a pretty high required passing mark.

I'd be interested to hear people's comments on this.

To anyone who has more than one Sun cert did you find this to be substantially harder than some of the others?
There are a few sites that do list what SCJP programmers make on average. But like Jesper said it is really dependent on where you live. A SCJP programmer in the Philippines might make 6-7,000 per year where as s a similarly skilled person in Silicon Valley might make 100,000. Just depends on the region.

Though this may not be what you are asking, I think that the SCJP is important but that in and of itself is probably not going to be the major factor in getting hired someplace.
I personally started with ExamCram 2 for the SCJP and I found it horrible in prep for the real test. It just doesn't teach a lot of the intricate details (especially with things like declaration and initialization).

Really there is a lot to learn, what I like about the K&B book is that it lays out the rules right upfront as far as what you need to keep in mind. That I find a lot easier than reading the java language spec and trying to decipher what's important over and over.

This experiance really convinced me that the book you choose or the help you get definitely determines a lot of how hard or easy things are. The Java Lang Specification is online for free at sun, but still I find the K&B book more than worth it.
Why not stick it in the compiler and see what it does?

After deserialization if i want to retain the value of Static Fields, what should we do?

Stick them in instance variables :-)
Yes you can access it because you created an instance of that object in your method. But without creating an instance of it in your method you wouldn't be able to. When it says you cannot it means you cannot do it without creating an instance. Basically it means "Don't think you can create a static method then call an instance variable, because you can't". You can however pass an object as a argument to one of those methods or you could just create it yourself if you needed access.

Here is some example code of what works and why.

class Child
int x = 5; //Here is a instance variable we will try to get
static int y = 10; //A static variable that will be accessible to everyone

public static void main (String args[]) {

static void testMeMethod(){
class test {
void methodTest(){
Child a = new Child();
System.out.println(a.x);// This works because you created an instance
System.out.println(Child.y);// This works because the variable is static
System.out.println(this.x); // This does not work because this method is static
// and won't have access to the "this object"

test t = new test();

[ December 17, 2007: Message edited by: Panseer Kaur ]
Not sure if your question has already been answered to your satisfaction but essentially the reason that D is correct is because since each time a new thread was created (4 times) it got a unique ID. And since each thread only prints the "getId()" method once each thread ID has to be unique. Option D is the only one with 4 each thread ID being unique so that has to be it.

Hope that helps
[ December 16, 2007: Message edited by: Panseer Kaur ]
Thanks everyone. Also Bert that good to know. I got that question from Eunthuware exam, kinda strange that they had it if it won't be on the test but definitely still interesting to know.

Gonna examine this a little more in depth.
Katherine Sierra, Bert Bates

That book is pretty popular around here, though it's for the SCJP specifically it has pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about Java. As far as webpages go I'm certain there are some links from Javaranch that would be helpful though I don't know them.

Here is a somewhat useful thread on it though

nested thread in interface
13 years ago
A lot of people have written here about how good the wizlab tests are. If you do a search you will probably find dozens if not hundreds of reviews of them. What I've heard so far is that they are somewhat more difficult than the real exams. I bought the Enthenware tests myself and have definitely found them very helpful. Any kind of test can only help you.