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Recent posts by Gosia Wittemann

I have never tried any online courses or any other interactive learning strategy, but it seems like a nice alternative to purely book-based learning. Does anyone have any experience with Knowledge Black Belt (I only know their exams, which were OK) or EPractizeLabs? I would like to take the EJB exam soon and try out some other methods than the standard O'Reilly book + specs + Enthuware.

Congratulations and thanks for revealing your ressources
5 years ago
10 years ago
Congratulations and thanks for the information!!
10 years ago
I can't really say more than pay attention to concurrency, there were a lot of questions from this area. Also exceptions were very important, but I found the questions fairly easy.

I think K&B is really enough, it covers everything and to a great detail too. The new classes are not that important.

Good luck!!
10 years ago

What's next?? SCWCD? SCBCD??

And how difficult, do you feel, the concurrency questions were?? I lost points significantly only in this area and I found the qestions more difficult than in K&B...
10 years ago
Congratulations, Ashok!!!

I'll be happy to use your materials, and huge thanks for listing your main sources and ensuring me I'm doing things the right way
Marcus, I doubt I am exceptional, but it's all down to the definition of meaningful. Is coding - just trying out what I've learnt during the day meaningful learning?? Can you call going through the notes at the evening meaningful learning?? Surely I cannot concentrate 100% on acquiring new material for 6-8 hours a day, but I try to use my time as effective as I can. Also, I do not work at the moment, which means I get at least 4-5 hours of good learning in the morning when my daughter is at the daycare and additional 2 hours during the early evening, plus I usually take my notes with me for short revisions.

I am not sure if I'll manage to actually pass the exam on my wish date, the mocks should do the job and tell me when I'm ready to go for it, but just putting such a date is a good motivation factor for me, because I do work well under pressure. Plus I really do have an excellent motivation, I need a job and soon

Anyway I am going to log my learning hours for the next month, because I find this discussion really interesting. During my preparation for the SCJP I learnt a lot about the way I learn and I'm going to re-engineer my learning process to make it even more effective
Hi Sunny,

I'm aimig at taking the exam on April, 10th, which is also a very short time. But I can learn 6-8 hours on most days, so I hope I'll be able to do it I hope that putting a deadline will help me to stay motivated

I hope to see you often here, the SCJP forum helped a lot in my preparations

I have just passed SCJP 6.0 with 86%. I decided to take the risk and go for the 6.0 version and I don't regret it. I had no questions about the new interfaces or Console class, but I found that the concurrency questions were more difficult than in the K&B book or in Whizlab simulator. That was also the only area where I significantly lost points (the questions were only about the methods mentioned in K&B book, but they went deeper, were more detailed and tested a lot of very complicated cases - many threads running, calling yield(), interrupt(), etc.)

I also had one question that asked to choose two most suitable OO practices, but there was a radio button - therefore only one choice was possible.

The time allocated for the exam was more than enough, I ended it with over an hour spare time left.

I prepared for 4 months, with ca. 6 weeks break, which was a very bad idea. I think two months of continuous learning would have been enough. My main resources were K&B book, Whizlab simulator and JavaRanch. I also tried to write as much code as possible.

For my next exam, I am going to learn continuously, every single day, use more index cards (and go through them whenever possible), start with mock exams a little bit earlier, write much more code and stress less before the exam

My next goal is SCWCD, I am aiming at taking it in 30 days with 6-8 hours of learning per day (slightly less on weekends). I have close to no experience with JSPs, but I've written a lot of ASP pages, so at least I have experience with HTTP, etc.

Huge thanks to Kathy and Bert, Whizlab team and JavaRanch forum!!!

[ March 10, 2008: Message edited by: Gosia Wittemann ]
10 years ago
System . out . println ( "b == d" + b == d) ; // ---> line 4

I think this statement is evaluated from left to right. So the "b==d" + b part is evaluated first, resulting in a String. Then Java tries to compare the newly created String to the byte variable d, which results in a compilation error.
There is one class:


and two interfaces:


that have been added to the exam. All in all, it's just a minimal change.
I doubt that people who have failed write about their experiences. I wouldn't either

Plus, if you do your homework and take some mocks, you know when it's time to go for the real exam.
10 years ago