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Recent posts by Nina Niskanen

Originally posted by Deepak Mittal:
I have been using Agile methodologies for more than 2 years now and it has changed the way I & my teams develop software. I don't think it is a hype.

Why do you think that it is another hype? Has it not delivered any value to you?

I'm also curious about this. I have a similar opinion to Deepak. So far in my projects I've witnessed only positive outcomes of adopting agile practises and values. Sure agile is not a silver bullet, there is no such thing. Agility brings with it its own problems and challenges, but so far I've found that the benefits far outweigh the problems.
It would be a good idea to start by telling us, what exactly are you having problems with.

A simple Google search returned this.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Herb Schildt:
Thoughts? I am curious as to what others think of the hand-held electronic book viewer concept.

I'm actually quite excited about the concept. I'm always lugging around a book of some sort and it would be great to be able to just lug this electronic gadget around instead and then be able to choose on the fly which book to read.

But I do think the price is currently way too high for the features. I'm also sceptical as to whether or not something like Kindle will actually work the same way here in the northern regions of Europe as it does in America. UK maybe, but Finland? Although I am interested in the idea of being able to download a new book I want wherever I am.

I guess I'm saying that I'm still hanging back from the cool crowd of early adopters to see the technology prove itself.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Adams:
public void setFirstname ( string name )
Firstname = name;
public string getFirstname()
return firstName;

Hi Mark!

The problem with the code above is that you are setting the name to variable Firstname and returning it from a completely different variable firstName. In Java uppercase and lowercase letters matter.

Starting a name with an uppercase letter is also usually used only for classes.

If you change the variable you use in the setter to the same one that you use in the getter, you'll get on much better
14 years ago
Pretty good actually. Possibly even best in the market. is an article about just this. Also Grails project leader Graeme Rocher couldn't say enough nice things about IDEA during his presentations at NFJS London. So I'm guessing he also thinks it's pretty good for developing in Groovy.
Thanks John, but not really. First thing I did, was google, which of course found that. Sure it takes away the pain of debugging in Workshop, but not the development part, which is the worse of the two, especially since Workshop before 9.x doesn't support unit testing. Well, there IS a plugin for jUnit, but it makes the IDE even more unstable than it is out of the box.
Hi Dmitry or anyone else, who can help,

my team uses Weblogic 8.1 and unfortunately also Workshop, which tags along. I find Workshop a royal pain, not least because it doesn't have proper unit testing support. Eclipse with workshop projects is even more painful. Lately I've been looking into IDEA most of all because of the numerous recommendations I've gotten. Yesterday I noticed that in the out-of-the-box templates there are templates for files required by weblogic. Unfortunately I can't make IDEA understand the .work-file that's at the base of all our Workshop application builds. Is there any possible way to get this connection working?
Hi Allen,

At least IDEa 7.0 has a ready made control for this; File -> Export to Eclipse.