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Recent posts by Ananth Chellathurai

I am sorry for the dumb question, but what does Mikado method provides over regular agile processes like scrum?
I have travelled only to US and I like it, I wish I could travel more to other countries too.
11 years ago
I have used it in many of my projects, I am wondering if the existing projects would be migrated to Struts 2 or some other frameworks will win over.
11 years ago
My pick would be PMD and findbugs(both).
ActionInvocation is an interface, DefaultActionInvocation, MockActionInvocation, MockActionInvocation are the implementer of this interface. You can find the creation of action inside the init methods of these classes.
12 years ago
Are you able to deploy other web applications developed without Spring? Have you looked into the logs for any exceptions?
12 years ago
What are those action methods doing? Are they doing something with the state of the request. If so it is a bad design.
In my humble opinion having static methods in action is not a good design.

Let us see what others think.
12 years ago
Hi Mihir,
Static methods must have bodies. The methods in interfaces don't have bodies, and are thus not static methods. They are actually public abstract methods.
12 years ago

Taking couple of DAOs

Do you mean to say that you are planning only to use Spring for transaction handling and for the data access layer?

To integrate your Struts application with Spring, you have two options:

  • Configure Spring to manage your Actions as beans, using the ContextLoaderPlugin, and set their dependencies in a Spring context file.
  • Subclass Spring's ActionSupport classes and grab your Spring-managed beans explicitly using a getWebApplicationContext() method.

  • We follow the first approach.
    12 years ago
    There were 2 reasons.
    1. You were trying to cast a String to Fractal object.
    2. Return type of the getOb() method is Object. Object class does not have getMsg method in it.