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Recent posts by Balaji Natarajan

Hi All,
I need to retrieve messages from a queue with maximum priority. Hope i cannot set a MessageSelector query like this 'MAX(JMSPriority)'. Hence, i am creating two message consumers say consumerWithExpeditedPriority with MessageSelector string as 'JMSPriority > 4' and consumerWithNormalPriority with MessageSelector string as 'JMSPriority <= 4'.
First i am attempting to receive through the first consumer and if the message is null, i am trying out the second.
Is this the good way of implementation? Moreover, here i could classify only 2 levels of priority (normal and expedited) since i created two consumers. Actually, i needed all the 10 levels of JMSPriority to be handled out separately.

Please provide your valuable suggestions

Thanks and Regards,
Balaji N
For more details on differences between the old and new version, see this link.

To put it short, c : out and dynamic attributes are new. The spec and exam objectives have not changed much i suppose.

Reg. mock exams, the ones given in SCWCD links are really helpful.
[ September 12, 2008: Message edited by: Balaji Natarajan ]
Thanks all!

Shiaber and Sanchita,
Yes, going through new version is well and good. Especially SimpleTag is covered in new version and dont forget to attend the mock in new version. New version mock has some incorrect answers (4-5) and hence find its errata to verify your answers for those questions. If you start preparing using HFJSP better start with new version so that you can be sure you are in sync with new exam objectives.
I am new to EJB 3.0, yet i had an oppurtunity to look at a kick start tutorial and i now have a overview of it. I also had'nt worked extensively on ejb 2.x but have an idea of it.
Should i read Head First EJB (for 2.x) first and come to EJB 3.0 or is it ok to land directly in any of the books mentioned here. Please help me out.
Hi all,
I have completed my SCWCD with 92%.
Thanks for all your help and support.
I am happy that i have scored 100% in Design Patterns, security, and JSTL.

I read Head First JSP (Old ver) once and new version once.
Scored 68% in HFJSP mock and tried several mock exams given in SCWCD links here at Javaranch.

I am planning for my SCBCD now.
See you all in SCBCD forum.
That's cool. It's motivating me to get my SCWCD as soon as possible.
Following resource may help you.

If you want to have an in depth study on design patterns, then HF Design Patterns is a good book.
Thanks Rufus for mentioning the errata. I re-evaluated my mock-test and surprisingly i got passed. Thanks!!
Great that you have scored 100%.
I am also aiming for one.

[ August 26, 2008: Message edited by: Balaji Natarajan ]
13 years ago
If you want to map JSP files in DD use <Jsp-file> tag within servlet as given below.


I placed main.jsp directly under web-application root.
Hope that helps.
Thanks for your replies.

i meant would enums be involved in Serialization?
Sorry for the language used.

Now i understood that it will be taking part in serialization since it is serializabe.

Thanks for your help.
13 years ago
Hi all,
I am creating an enum type (public enum ApplicationEnum) and using it as a class member in a domain object. Is this ApplicationEnum (which is of type enum) is serializable by default or do i have to explicitly declare the enum ApplicationEnum as Serializable.

Lastly, is enum involved in a Serialization mess?

Thanks aton for all your help.

Balaji N
13 years ago
Can anyone please point out the differences between enum and Enum?

Balaji N
13 years ago