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Recent posts by fei lin

good job, i just purchased the voucher and aim to schduel exam in october, plenty of time to prepare. ejb in action is what you seem to recommend.
13 years ago
good mark, very nice
13 years ago
so close to failure. well, I did it, thanks to the great book from heads up.
screw up on jstl and custom tags.
13 years ago
congrats, my assignment was B&S as well
they wont test this scenario. Assume at most 1 database file is used by 1 application
you are not allowed to use dictionaries.
no spell checker is available.
you are not allowed to print the answer.

The questions are straight forward if you indeed the person who wrote the assignment. I think I have alot of spelling errors when I was doing the test.
i used same lockmanager as andrew's book, but locking call was done on server. I submitted my assignment and take the essay on april 11 2008, and got the result today, pretty fast.
I like to thank all the people here who helped me. This forum is the best. Good luck all.

Test: Sun Certified Developer for the Java 2 Platform (310-027)
Score: 345
General Considerations (maximum = 100): 99
Documentation (maximum = 70): 70
O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30
GUI (maximum = 40): 31
Locking (maximum = 80): 44
Data store (maximum = 40): 40
Network server (maximum = 40): 40
thanks guys, i will use exact match,,,, its not user friendly.
i think none of the above 3 record should be returned, because it not exact, Campbell is extra.
If user search "Fred" only and only "Fred" is returned, please correct me if i am wrong, i am confused
my spec says: It must allow the user to search the data for all records, or for records where the name and/or location fields exactly match values specified by the user.

does that mean if user type "Fred" in name field in gui and click on search, it must return all contractors with "Fred" not "Freddy"? and is case sensitive? currently my program is not case sensitivy and uses .startswith().

thanks in advance
when i implement a method that is declared in an interface. i use eclipse's generate javadoc. which is:
* (non-Javadoc)
* @see suncertify.connection.Access#bookContractor(int, java.lang.String)

but when i run checkstyle, they say the method dont have a javadoc. please help
sorry, probably this has been asked millions of times, but i dont know how to calculate. when is I can't use sdk1.5 and must use 1.6?
such as no tabs, no lines if longer then 80 characters long? i use eclipse and currently eclipse use tab, anyway to fix all of them?