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Recent posts by Minal Silimkar-Urankar

Hi Edin,

You can make use of contains(Object o) method in ArrayList which returns true if this list contains the specified element.
7 years ago

In inter thread communication where two or more threads exchange some information.

  • wait() : makes the current thread to wait until another thread invokes the notify().
  • notify() : Wakes up a single thread that is waiting on this object's monitor.
  • notifyAll() : Wakes up all the threads that called wait( ) on the same object.

  • 7 years ago
    Hi Mark,

    Your question is how to implement recursive function. Recursion is simply function calls itself. Below is sample code.

    You need small change in your code is as follows:
    7 years ago
    Thanks Jeff for your reply. I got my mistake.
    10 years ago

    From about code value of i gets incremented at Line 5, but not at Line 3.

    is nothing but

    So what is the difference between Line 3 and 6?
    10 years ago
    As per Steve's explaination

    The start() method starts the Thread and executes the run() method's code in the new Thread.

    What I have understood from your statement is, in given code below, at line no. 9 we are just creating object, not creating thread and line no. 10 will create thread.
    If I comment line no. 10 and uncomment line no. 11. it will not create thread, simply it will execute run method of same class.

    Thank you, Steve
    We can execute thread by calling start() method as well by calling run() methos.
    What is difference between executing thread using start() method and run() method()?

    I am working on Redhat 5. I installed Python3.1.1 on it. All programms are working fine except GUI programs

    When I write the line "import tkinter" gets following error

    ImportError: No module named tkinter

    I installed tcl8.5.7 and tk8.5.7. after giving command "tclsh" ot "wish" to execute GUI programming its working fine, but not working with python.
    13 years ago
    I wrote below code to fetch data from excel work sheet. It is working file.

    I want to transfer data from one sheet to another, so I wrote following code.

    It is giving error at insert statement.
    How to insert data into excel file using java code?
    I want to restrict specific users mail on Unix or Linux operating system. How will I do it?
    13 years ago
    We can block messages comming from not root users using "mesg n" command.
    Can non root user block messages comming from root user as well?
    13 years ago
    Required permissions are set.

    13 years ago
    I am trying to transfer file between two redhat5 machines using scp.

    File transfer from machine1 to machine2, it is doing successfully.

    File transfer from machine2 to machine1, it is accepts password and shows prompt without transfering data.

    Whats going wrong in this?
    13 years ago
    That means do I have to manually calculate total memory may be accupied by my application? There is no direct way to find out using java?
    13 years ago
    Functions from class java.lang.Runtime
    freeMemory() returns the amount of free memory in the Java Virtual Machine.
    totalmemory() returns the total amount of memory in the Java virtual machine.
    Lets take an example:

    In above code class employee have two variables declared of type int and float. If I create object of class Employee one object will occupy total 8 bytes of memory. Similarly, if I designed whole application, can I directly calculate how much memory my whole application will occupy.
    13 years ago