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Recent posts by Pulak Dash

Thanks Piyush,

Enthuware is a good choice, the difficuilty lavle of both enthuware and real exam was almost same. My average score in mock exam was also 70% .I started my preparetion for SCWCD but latter i bought this mock exam and practice for 15-20 days and wrote the real exam.Yes the difficuilty lavle was almost same with the real exam. In real exam some questions were bit lenthy, it took lot time to read them, so be prepare for that.
12 years ago
Hi ranchers

Today i cleared "Oracle Certified Expert, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 JavaServer Pages and Servlet Developer" exam with 70%. The exam was bit tough. Thre are no book avelable in market for this exam. I bought enthuware mock exam tool for practice. This helped me a lot. I guess this the only mock exam that provides 1Z0-894 exam. You can get lot of information about newly added features in this. and ofcours the head first book is the must while preparing for the xam.
12 years ago
Good choice, buying wizlab's

wizlab's question are really tough than the real exam questions. you will fill comfortable in the real exam if you have gone though this mock tests.I also bought the same mock test during my preparation.and honestly saying, i never scored more than 75 percent on the mock tests.
thats why i thought that i will get the same result in the real test too .but after seeing the actual test questions i felt those are not so difficult as the mock tests.but they were tricky some how and i got 91% ..

so if you are getting 75 to 80 % in these tests then don't panic you will definitely get a good score in the real exam.
hi kiran , for scjp most of the people recommends k&b (Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates) i am also one of them. i will suggest you to go for this book.which you can easily get from kotti market in a good price.
go through this book throughly.and then if possible give some mock test.also you can go for free mock tests too.
for rest of the thinks you can visit to suns official website

sun website
hallo ranchers
recently i passed scjp and want to study for scwcd.
please help me. I have no idea what to do.
which book to read.
please tell me more about this exam.
great job ....
keep it up...
16 years ago
Hallo ranchers
I passed scjp 5.0 It took me about 6 months of time for the whole preparation.
I really very thank full to Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for there wonderful book. Those writers have shown there 100% effort in this book. Without this book this was not even possible to pass the exam. I can also say that this is the best book to learn java.

I have gone 3 times through this book. It took me 4 � months of time for all the reading.
Then I bought a mock test simulator from whizlab. It cost me INR 531 this worth the same. This is a very good mock test simulator. Well the look and feel of the simulator is not so similar to the actual exam but the questions are very tricky and difficult than the actual test (which I came to know after passing the exam). This simulator helped me a lot. Thanks whizlab for there tremendous job.

On the day of exam I was very nervous. But after seeing the questions I fell relief because those were some how less tricky than the mock test questions.

Tests gui was good. They gave me 210 minutes, I don�t know how, but the exam clock starts its countdown from 210 minutes.

I gave all the answers within 120 minutes. Then for the rest of the time I started revising them.

Ok guys I want to tell you form my personal experience that, to get through the exam only thing you have to do is to by heart the k&b book. Mock tests are optional, because I was very nervous and this was my first certification exam, I bought the mock test simulator. The only requirement for the test is to go each and every part of the book carefully and thoroughly. And of course don�t forget to visit java ranch regularly.

I hope this experience of mine will help you on your preparation.

16 years ago
yes according to K&B (page no. 367) NullPointerException is a jvm Thrown exception.
Programmatically Thrown Exceptions are those which are created by an application and/or API developer . like IlligalArgumentException IlligalStateException NumberFormatException AssertionError
Thank you all.
Yes i will definitely go for the mock tests.
Thank you for showing me the way.

I will buy this wizzlab product today.

and thanks for responding me ....
Hallo ranchars please help me out.
I am preparing for scjp 5.0 . I have gone thrice through K&B and still fealing nervous .I thing it will be a good option for me to go for some mock exam simulator. please suggest me and tell me that how can i get those exam simulators.

I am waiting for your valuable responces
Thank you