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Recent posts by Mateus Brum

You can utilize JMS when you have more latency too.
When you have a single middle tier (web tier or business tier), hence you have a single point of fail. As if your tier fail all system fail.
It implicate in availability, so the system is less readable.
All that books is really necessary?
How many time to read all ?


14 years ago
Actuality the final exam give you a hint of number of answer.
You can use public void init(){} to override de Servlet constructor.
[ February 20, 2008: Message edited by: Mateus Brum ]
Hello !
If you have a variable into a method like this:

And try to use, it will not compile, because it is not initialized!
But if you have code like this.

It may not throw a exception (depending how you use that), because all instance variable is default null (if not primitive)

In this case, you only can print (the null state) but cannot use the String methods, because the object does not exist yet!
[ January 21, 2008: Message edited by: Mateus Brum ]
Post your experience for us!
16 years ago
What is your choice Vidya Singh ?
I think you�re making confusion with types !
[ January 16, 2008: Message edited by: Mateus Brum ]
And maybe the first element is always sorted to avoid a overhead when we manipulate it for first time (peek,remove,pool and element) always get the first element.
In a archive java (

public class A{ // This is a top-level class
class B{} // this is a inner class
private class C{} // and can be private
class Cat{} // It�s a top-level too

So, the inner class can take any modifier access that a regular variable can.
[ January 05, 2008: Message edited by: Mateus Brum ]
Don�t forget that a array (even a primitive one) is a object!

void increment(int[] i){
i[i.length - 1]++; // Get a copy reference of name i
// Get the index zero (length - 1)
// Increase it by one

So don�t forget int[] a = {1} inside main method and int [] i inside scope of increment method refer to the same Object on the Heap when y do:

It's why the Object a is updated!