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Is there any way my JSP or JSF can communicate with my applet.

I am running the Applet thru JSP (using jsp : plugin ) and on the same page I have few buttons which when clicked should dynamically make some changes in the applet.
For this I want the referance of the instance of the Applet which I am unable to get.

Any pointers / links to articles are appreciated.

11 years ago
I am using jsp: plugin tag to run my applet as below--

Now , my problem is --> as I have given codebase as "appletclass" folder (which lies in same folder where my jsp is) , each time I compile my applet , I have to manually copy all the class files from "classes" folder to this "appletclass" folder.

I tried giving entire path of my classes folder in the codebase attribute. But it doesn't work. I get error -- load: class framework.DupliJava3dApplet.class not found.
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: framework.DupliJava3dApplet.class

I used it as below-->

Please can anyone help me here?
11 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
You don't need to download policytool. It comes with the JDK.

How are you running the applet - from a file:/// URL, from a local web server, using appletviewer, ...?

From a local web server (embedded oc4j server)

how do I access the policytool?
11 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
Applets have a number of security restrictions. Norm mentioned the one about not being able to access the local file system. Another one is the inability to access hosts other than the one where the applet originated from. So a URL to is not allowed. You'll need to digitally sign the applet. See HowCanAnAppletReadFilesOnTheLocalFileSystem for more details.

Hi Ulf,

I went thru the given link-
I modified my java.policy file in jre1.6.0_03\lib\security\java.policy
I added following lines to it -

Then I ran my applet (not the one posted above )which tries to access a folder from my local drive.
But I still get this error- access denied ( D:\JDEV10133\jdev\mywork\NewAppletCode\ViewController\public_html\applet\textVrml1 read)

I do not have policytool and couldn't download from internet.

Please let me know if the above changes in policy file are sufficient or I need some changes in some other file too?
11 years ago
1. There are no errors in JAVA Console.
2. I am using JDEVELOPER IDE .
I am loading this applet on a browser using using a JSP Plugin --

3. I am running it in embedded OC4J server.

I've just started learning applets.
Sorry if my questions sound foolish.
[ August 03, 2008: Message edited by: prajal Mehta ]
11 years ago
Hi Norm, thanks for the reply.
Please could you help me with following code. That will help me take a step ahead in resolving my actual problem.

The applet when run on a browser is displaying an empty text area.
I expect it to read and display the contents of page located at given URL.
Am I doing something wrong?
11 years ago
Is it possible to get a File Object from a InputStream or BufferedReader?

It is basically to allow my applet running in a browser to access local file system. My applet has to access few files from my local drive.

I found following code on internet and want to get a File object from which I can call list() on.
I want to know if that is feasible.
Any help is appreciated.

[ August 02, 2008: Message edited by: prajal Mehta ]
11 years ago
thanks Ulf.

We are working on a POC (Proof of Concept) for one project.
The client does not want Applet based solution, they want JSF based solution.

thanks anyways.
I will find a workaround.
11 years ago

I am writing a JSF program which would display a Canvas3D object.


Canvas3D is an awt component.
It is not getting displayed in JSF page.

So I have a doubt if JSF supports awt components at all!

Any help is appriciated.
11 years ago

I am writing a JAVA3d program using Oracle ADF.
I have a Canvas3D object of type

I have an HtmlFrame to which I need to add this object of type Canvas3D.

I tried to use restoreState(FacesContext context, java.lang.Object state)..but looks like the method is abstract , so I need to implement it in my class in order to use it.

Any help in how would I implement it in order to add some object to a HtmlFrame??
or Any other method which will add an object to a HtmlFrame?
11 years ago
I am trying to run a JAVA 3d sample program using Tomcat Server.
i'm using this link-

It says--

Step 1 : WEB-Server Configuration - Enable J3D and JAI for your WEB-Server:

The procedure to enable the Java 3D and JAI frameworks within an Application (WEB) Server is (for Tomcat at least) quite simple and consists in ensuring that the 2 frameworks are installed in the JVM used by the Application Server

I do not understand what does the autor mean by ' 2 frameworks are installed in the JVM used by the Application Server'

Please could anybody help?

[ July 15, 2008: Message edited by: prajal Mehta ]
[ July 15, 2008: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ]
11 years ago
Hi Rajkumar,

Thanks for much for that wonderful link.
It's working !!
Hi Friends,

Please could anyone tell me how to use Tomcat with Eclipse IDE?

I got a site which explains it , but it's not working for me --

I have apache-tomcat-5.5.25 and Eclipse for JAVE EE (3.3.2 version), although the document asks to use tomcat 6 version!

I added the tomcat server (v5.5) in the servers tab in my Eclipse (as the document says) and started it.
But when I test it using http://localhost/ on my browser , it shows HTTP Status 404 !

If Anyone of you have used Tomcat with Eclipse, please guide me on how to go about it.
thanks .