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Recent posts by Chethan C Gowda

After being approved means after completing all 3 parts of the exam?
Hi All,

The above link says training is mandatory to take up OCMJEA.

Is it possible take up the exam with out training?

I have a requirement to process freemarker ftl file on server side and return back the HTML to the client. I would like to know if it is possible to process freemaker template having struts tags in it using template.process().

Action class code

// Configuration created from struts2 freemarkermanager FreemarkerManager freeMarkerManager = new FreemarkerManager(); Configuration config = freeMarkerManager.getConfiguration(context);

//Configuration without any specific settings. Configuration config = new Configuration(); //Tried both nothing works.

Template template = config.getTemplate("TEMPLATE PATH");

Map<String, Object> inputMap = new HashMap<String, Object>(); inputMap.put("document", document);

StringWriter output = new StringWriter(); template.process(inputMap, output);

Freemarker template: <#assign s=JspTaglibs["/struts-tags"]> <table> <tr> <th><@s.text name="Document Name"/></th> <th><@s.text name="Description"/></th> </tr>

`<@s.iterator value="inspiration" status="status">`
`<td class="nowrap">< value="properties.DOCUMENT_NAME"/></td>`
`<td class="nowrap">< value="properties.DESCRIPTION"/></td>`
I have also added struts-tags.tld under web-inf folder.


freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression JspTaglibs is undefined on line 1,

If I remove <#assign s=JspTaglibs["/struts-tags"]>

freemarker.core.InvalidReferenceException: Expression s is undefined on line 7

Thanks in advance, Chethan
7 years ago
The book one which is in the Amazon website is for the exam 310-220.
Hi Ivan, Thank you very much.
11 years ago
Hello All,

Existing implementation:
Application config file is stored inside the WAR file. This prevents from deploying WAR files, as it would override the config file. Requirement is that the config file should not over-written when new WAR files are deployed.

How to handle config file caching in clustered environment?

Thanks in Advance.
Hello All,

I need WSDL with binding style="document" exposed for testing. Can any one help me out where I can find the WSDL.

Hello All,

Is it possible to construct SOAP message from an existing XML with out parsing the XML.

Hello All,

I am using StringBuffer to append large XML file (>2MB). StringBuffer is degrading the performace as well as I am running short of memory.
Can any one please suggest how to overcome this problem.
12 years ago
If i prefix the URL with "http://"; then normal <a> tag will do the task.
Ex: <a href="">; Java Ranch </a> but if i give the complete absolute path like <a href="c:/html/help.html"> Help </a> this is not working. Web server is blocking the access to the documents which are external to the application.
Any suggestions how to do this, I want to open up the HTML file which is residing in the Local file system.
Hello All,

Can any one tell how to access the HTML files which are stored outside to the WAR...
I tried of giving complete absolute path but it is not working...
How to make a basic AutoComplete Textbox.
JDK 1.4 does not support generics.
While calling static methods compiler checks for reference type not the obect type.
In example 1 you are calling static method using Base class reference, where as while calling instance method compiler checks for object type.