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I will do the exam tomorrow ...
but take a look on the messages I posted ...
no answers

so I will not answer too

Ok, no problem ...
no answers ...

I have the exam tomorrow and if I reprove or answer this question wrong on the exam I will not post the notes I took from the book and notes (MZ) I studied...

For local clients:

For remote clients:


Am i correct ?
[ December 17, 2007: Message edited by: Gotan itain Lasgo ]
Hello guys.

I have a biggg doubt !
A container wrap the Exception thrown into EJBException only in MDB (Im talking about System Exception) or a NotSupported (When throw system exception) can do it too ?

What mean "no other constraint" ??

Can you give me some example where I use "other constraint" so I can use OneToOne ??
Now Im really confused !!

Only the transactional methods the MessageDrivenContext inherits from EJBContext are available to message-driven beans. The home methods--getEJBHome() and getEJBLocalHome()--throw a RuntimeException if invoked, because MDBs do not have home interfaces or EJB home objects. The security methods--getCallerPrincipal() and isCallerInRole()--also throw a RuntimeException if invoked on a MessageDrivenContext. When an MDB services a JMS message there is no "caller," so there is no security context to be obtained from the caller. Remember that JMS is asynchronous and doesn't propagate the sender's security context to the receiver--that wouldn't make sense, since senders and receivers tend to operate in different environments.

extracted from Ejb 3 (Oreilly)
A message-driven bean can have an instance of a MessageDrivenContext injected.
Which method can be successfully invoked on this interface from a message-driven bean?
A getEJBHome
B getCallerPrincipal
C isCallerInRole
D getEJBLocalHome

They said that the correct one is "B", but I think that calling all will throw RuntimeException.

so useful notes =DDD

thanks a lot !!
Thanks for answering but ...
I asked for someone who took the exam and ejbplus 5 ...

anyway , thanks
ejbPlus 5 for the exam SCBCD 5.0 I mean.
Hello guys !

Somebody tested this mock exam ?? Did you like it ?? What about comparative score (real exam and the mock exam) ??

Thanks to all !