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Recent posts by Sagar Jani

Thanks Sandeep. But when I try these options all the options are compiled without errors. Because T can be any object.

So why only AC ?
Hi folks,
Following is the code snippet I got from whizlabs mock test, which I am unable to understand :

1. public class Test {
2. public <T extends Comparable> T findLarger(T x, T y) {
3. if(x.compareTo(y) > 0) {
4. return x;
5. } else {
6. return y;
7. }
8. }
9. }
22. Test t = new Test();
23. // insert code here
Which two will compile without errors when inserted at line 23?
(Choose two.)
A. Object x = t.findLarger(123, �456�);
B. int x = t.findLarger(123, new Double(456));
C. int x = t.findLarger(123, new Integer(456));
D. int x = (int) t.findLarger(new Double(123), new Double(456));

Answer : AC

Can anybody explain me ?

Thanks Ian and Pulak for sharing the info. I was really worried because my score was really low in whizlabs mock tests, and sometimes got failed too :-)
Hello folks,
Before attending the SCJP exam next week, I thought to give couple of mock exams. So I bought Whizlab's SCJP preparation kit and I gave couple of mock exams.

Basically I wanted to know that the "toughness level of SCJP exam" will be same as Whizlab's Mock exams or SCJP will be easier ?

Hi Eventhough I put the sources of the code snippet in this forum while askig a question , why it got deleted ?

I need a proper reason for this ?

[ March 27, 2008: Message edited by: Jim Yingst ]
16 years ago
I am not sure about how effective it is, but the kind of service they provide is pathetic.

I am supposed to give SCJP 1.5 next week so I purchased it mainly for mock exams. But still I am not able to activate it, now I will have to attend exam without taking mock tests from Whizlab though I purchased it.
Hi Guys, I purchased a whizlab SCJP 1.5 preparation guide for around $12.95. I bought it a week back and they gave me a link from where I downloaded the SCJP kit.

Now to activate this, whizlab provided me a license number. while activating we need to enter this license number. But whenever I try to enter this number I get the error message : "Server not rsponding", "downloading UCF please wait".

I tried to contact their support team, they keep giving me the different kinds of suggestion which are not working from past few days.

Now I am tired of their service. They are also not ready to give my money back.

By my experience, I strongly suggest not to buy Whizlab product.

Anybody has faced a problem like this ?

Anybody has
Hi Varalakshmi,
An identifier can start with any currency character.

Hi Deepak,
Thanks for such an explanatory answer. But I could not understand the following lines :

If a method() is inherited by subclass then invocation of method() from Parent class invokes method() of subclass at runtime if its not inherited and not defined in the class from which you are invoking it you will get a compiler error.

If the method is not inherited by Subclass, then it will simply call the Super class's method but it will not throw compilation error. Please correct me if I am missing something.