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Recent posts by Marvin Domingo

Campbell Ritchie wrote:A lot of us find it is the object‑oriented paradigm that is the most difficult thing to learn when coming from a non‑object language. You will get used to strong (static) typing soon enough. Just beware of this sort of thing:-That is often correct code, because of inheritance: a Cat or a Dog IS‑AN Animal.

yes thanks for pointing that out, I noticed this a few days ago while self studying. there are lots of classes in java, I was surprised including the classes itself are being used to declare what type of object a variable is like String variablename, not just just using the primitive data types such as byte,char,int,float,double
5 years ago

Jesper de Jong wrote:Cool, congratulations on the new job! And it sounds like you're going to be using some interesting new technologies.

But that is a LOT to learn, especially if you are new to Java! My advice is: Don't try to learn everything at once, because it will be completely overwhelming.

First make sure you have a good grasp of the basics of the Java programming language and platform. A good place to start for that are Oracle's Java Tutorials.

The Spring Framework is a popular but huge framework, which consists of many subprojects. Spring Cloud is one of the subprojects, which focuses on helping with programming microservices, integrating various products from other vendors (notably the Netflix open source tools for microservices) into the Spring Framework. Don't think you'll fully understand every part of the Spring Framework someday soon, because it's just too big.

Microservices is a new style of software architecture, mainly for cloud-based software systems. It is a very popular subject on software development conferences (at some conferences, almost every talk is about microservices). You can find lots of conference talks on YouTube about microservices.

Cassandra is a NoSQL database. It works completely different than a relational database, such as an Oracle database!

Good luck with all of this. Realistically, it will take you YEARS to really learn all this. If you've never seen these things, it's as if someone has asked you to build a Jumbo Jet when you've previously only worked on bicycles...

Thank you for the advice Sir, especially the "make sure you have a good grasp of the basics of the Java programming language and platform." ..noted.

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch and congratulations again

What sort of language is PHP? Is it an object language? Have you used any other object languages, e.g. Eiffel or C#? If yes, you will probably find understanding the object paradigm which Java® uses easier than if you have not used an object language before.

PHP is commonly used by most websites nowadays from small to large scale. it's a scripting language that can be used either in a structural or object oriented approach in a project. I've never used any other programming language before aside from PHP, I find it easy to understand
the object oriented conecpt in java, but the thing I'm currently having a bit of trouble while still studying the fundamentals is with the strict data type declaration of variables
5 years ago
I'm an all time PHP developer for more than 8 years. and after 13 days starting today, this time it's for real, I'll be starting in my next company as a java developer,
the boss there told me the technology they use is java, spring cloud,cassandra, and told me to study the mircoservices..

so right now, I'm still studying the fundamentals of java ( any particular areas in the fundamentals should I focus on heavily ? )
for the spring cloud, ( do I need to study how the spring framework work first after the java funddamentals before jumpting to spring cloud?, because they sound like two different beasts)
for the microservices ( any resources that you can share aside from telling me to google ? )
and for the cassandra , I think I have some ebooks that I've never read before, because I'm using oracle in current company
5 years ago
thanks to all of your replies. Once I finished this book that am reading right now.
I'll start posting questions soon
6 years ago
Hi Everyone,

It's been a long time since my last post in this forum. PHP captured my interest and had helped me shift career into a dev.
now I'm planning to study java again. any recommendation for a fresh start?,
because I saw at the home page of the forum
there is Java 7 and Java 8, so which should I go to begin with?
6 years ago

Originally posted by Rohan Dhruva:
If you mean that you want to enable Javadoc integration - i.e. when you hover over a standard method, you get it's javadoc from API, here is the method --


OMG, i encountered another problem, with the java api doc in eclipse, i did point the doc to the exact archive path of the api doc in my localdrive..i followed the instructions properly but the panel shows the website of jdoc plugin

here's the screenshot of my getting pissed now

what i mean is the java api doc itself, i don't know where to configure it in the eclipse thing. unlike in jcreator, it's easy to configure java api doc and just pin it on the right side of the panel..but in eclipse i can't see any option on where i can load the java api doc
Hello this is the first time I use the Eclipse thing, I don't know where to put or how to install the Java API documentation in it. there ain't no option at all, and also, there is a jdoc plug in i found on google, but it doesn't work..please help me =( i need it badly
but hey, I know some java developers are real rockstars in real life.. if am not mistaken, Mr. Bert Bates can play the guitar. . however, I still wonder what's inside of that book, I hope it's not an interview with the "rockstar java programmers"
13 years ago
why is the title like that?, does this means like, "secrets of guitar player java programmers". why do you have to put rockstar in the title?.
13 years ago
oh ok, I understand, but how bout for the people who are already graduates and currently working and wanted learn java?(like me), where should we ask?, since all the staffs here are prohibited to provide answers on that parts of the cool book .
13 years ago
Hello to all of you.. i would like to ask on where should I find the other answers of the "sharpen your pencils" sections of the 2nd edition of head first java? , there was a downloadable zip file that i was able to download but the solutions aren't all there, the later parts of the book are help me
13 years ago
which book are you talking about?, it's not the head first right?
which book are you talking about?, it's not the head first right?
13 years ago
can you give me a link on where my sponsor can pay online to get me the voucher please? if ever there is?