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Recent posts by johaananan brownaaaa

Hi Guys,

I am wondering whether any of you managed to run openESB in Websphere 6.1 or 7?

there seems to be some incompatibility problem with JAXB of websphere and the one that openESB is using.

Many thanks,
12 years ago
Is Struts topic covered in SCWCD exam?
Yes!! it's working! finally got a result by EL! thanks so much Charles!
Thanks Charles,

You were right, I think it was because of encoding, but I changed the page so essentially forced the web container to recompile it.
but still I don't get the expected result, as I defined a parameter in web.xml by
<param-value>Doberman Ponscher</param-value>

when I use ${applicationScope.myDog}, it doesn't dsiplay it, just come up empty.

Any idea why?

Hi Charls,

I just edited the page by vi and I think it's character encoding should be ok.

I restarted the tomcat by and then started it again by , but still I am getting the same result a page that displays ${applicationScope.domain}

Do you have any suggestion, I am fed up by this error.

Thanks guys,
I tried the version as well by the following web.xml for my we application

<web-app xmlns=""

and the jsp config:


the test.jsp is as following:

<%@ page isELIgnored="false" %>

The main domain is: ${applicationScope.domain}

the comcat version is:

Any idea why it doesn't work?

Many thanks,
I trying to test EL on my tomcat, but it just treat to the ELs as text, no processing is done.

Could you please, tell me what sort of configuration should I do?


Tomcat 5.5
I tried <%@ page isELIgnored= 'false' %>

Any suggestions guys?

Many thanks
Congradulations! welldone!

Well, it does really depends on what are you looking for by getting these certifications, telling you more clearly, if you want to pursue your career and being a sucessful j2ee candidate well, current market is mostly demanding for Spring/Hibernate so learning Spring will help you while they are less positions for WS developers cause they are mostly recruiting them as an integrator! I personaly got my SCDJWS and now preparing for SCWCD, and I have 4 years of experience! but I do suggest you to go through these certification because it will give a proper training that most of uncertified j2ee developers might have not have it. and secondly, for web services, one way of developing SEI(Service Endpoint Interface)is to use EJBs, by my experience if you don't have practical experience of working with EJBs, so you should go firstly go for SCBCD.

Hope it would have been useful for you!
13 years ago
For preparation:
I think that I went through the long frustrating way, but I don't feel bad about it, because it gave lots of good conceptual background.
1- Because of lack of references and not knowing where should I start from, I started from Rajesh exam notes, which they are good stuff to work but for revision.
2- Then I read the Java Blue print, they are really a great resource in aspect of architecturing. usually I saw ppl say just read chapter 3,4 and 10 but I have to read book from cover to cover to get it, so it's your choice to see which way you get it better.
3- I went to MZ notes, they are good for revision.

4- As MZ and Steve adviced me, I read MHL as well, which is undouptfully a must read.

5- I read the Security, BP 1.0 and WSDL/SOAP spec as well.

6- MZ exam mocks are really good.
7- Write the exam and got relieved!

but if you are looking for a straighforward way, my suggestion is to do it like the following order.

1- Read MHL cover to cover and pick up Eclipse or Netbeans whatever IDE you like and Apache and try to test just to gain confidence!
2- Read Java Web Services Blue Print that will help you to get an abstract view which this exam requires you to have an abstract view as an architect not as a pure developer's.
3- Read BP 1.0 spec, it's odd but after start reading it it will make a lot of sence for you..
4 - now you are ready to write for exam but if you want to get a better picture of web services read WSDL,SOAP and definitely, Security spec.

Hope it would be helpful for you.

Pooyan Farahani
13 years ago
After 5 months preparation, finally I passed this exam with score of 97%

For preparation, I almost went throught everything!

Thanks Steve, for your help! and of course MZ Note and Mock exams are essential for this exam!

Looking at javaranchers comments are very helpfull!

13 years ago
when an Exception in catch in JAX-RPC Endpoint how it will be passed to the client?
could it be mapped to faults in WSDL or it will be propagated as RemoteException?

what's the level 0 of JAXR 1.0 API?

what's the role of BusinessQueryManager?
I am suprised by this mock question

which two APU are used to create J2EE components?