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Recent posts by praseedha sai

Hi All,

I completed SCWCD with 93%.

Thankful to all of you to provide such a wonderful information to clear this this exam.

Sreenivasa Rao
SCJP 86%
15 years ago

Please read Head first servlets and jsp's. and practice some mockups.

Hi Teena,

instead of tomcat 3.2 try with latest tomcat version 5.0.X.X. I hope it will work. I got the similar problem whihc I was resolved with latest tomacat version.

Hi Deepak,

If you are using Eclipse IDE, select your project,
right click on project->
select preoperties ->
click on compiler->
click on use project settings->
click on comile and classfiles tabbed pane and select cinpilence level from drop -down list and clck on ok, I hope it will work.

Rao S.
SCJP 87%
target wcd

Thanks for your early reply. Yes, I want to store my password in database.

while retriving from the database it'll come from the decrypt mode and compare with current password. if both are equals then it will goes to the next page.

but initially I want to encrypt a string and stored in database and decrypt it.

please find my code here.


import javax.crypto.Cipher;

public class EncryptionRsa {

String userName ="Hello";
String password = "hello123";
byte [] encPassword = null;
String decPassword = null;
String pass = null;
byte[] ciphertextBytes = null;
byte[] textBytes = null;

public void encryptPass(String userName, String password, PublicKey pubKey) {
try {
password = userName+password;
Cipher encCipher = Cipher.getInstance("RSA");
encCipher.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, pubKey);
encPassword = encCipher.doFinal(password.getBytes());
System.out.println("Encrypt Password: "+encPassword);
} catch(Exception e) {

public void decryptPass(String userName, String password, PrivateKey priKey) {
try {
textBytes ="hari".getBytes();
Cipher decCipher = Cipher.getInstance("RSA");
decCipher.init(Cipher.ENCRYPT_MODE, priKey);
textBytes = decCipher.doFinal(pass.getBytes());
System.out.println("Decrypt Password: "+decPassword);

} catch(Exception e) {

public KeyPair getPrivateKey() throws NoSuchAlgorithmException {
KeyPairGenerator keygen = KeyPairGenerator.getInstance("RSA");
KeyPair keypair = keygen.generateKeyPair();
PublicKey publicKey = keypair.getPublic();
PrivateKey privatekey = keypair.getPrivate();
return new KeyPair(publicKey, privatekey);

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
EncryptionRsa encryptionRsa = new EncryptionRsa();
KeyPair kp=encryptionRsa.getPrivateKey();
encryptionRsa.encryptPass("Hello", "hari", kp.getPublic());
encryptionRsa.decryptPass("Hello", "hari", kp.getPrivate());


Please reply ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

currently I'm working on encryption and decryption password using RSA algorithm.

I did on some sample programs to encrypt and decrypt with RSA but not stored in DB.

How can I get correct password from DB using RSA.

Please provide me some sample code for RSA algorithm.

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[ July 07, 2008: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ]
Hi Ranchers,

Please help me how to develop pagination component (implementation) using custom tags(jsp's).

I need to develop first, last, prev and next links with custom tags.

if any body have code please send to my mail: or give some links or URL's to get some basic idea/help to do for this implementation.

Thanks in Advace .

Best Regards,
Hi Congratualtions!

you got very good score. keep it up. whats your next target?

all the best,


an absolute path like:
<form action="http://localhost:8080/myProject/View/target.jsp">
relate path like: <form action="target.jsp">

I think this will clear your doubt.
Hi Vijay,

My heartly congratulations on sucessful completion of WCD.

Please share your expirence with all of us. I would like to asking to refer the books, e-books and URL's of practice mock exams online.

Please provide all the details for WCD exam. so that the others will take.

Once again congratulations.

Best Regards,
Praseedha Sai.

I;m planning to take SCWCD. please, some body help me to get the books and matrial and URL's of this exam.

Thansk in advance.

Best regards,
Hello Ranchers,

i am pleased to inform you that i passed the SCJP 5.0 (310 - 055) Today with 87%.

I know its very less score as compared to others but very short period I succeed in the exam.
i prepared for a little over 3 weeks for the exam and honestly would have been happy with anything more than 70%.
although i am not an active member of this forum, i went through many a question asked in this forum for the last
two weeks of my preparation time.
so, thanks to all of you out here who helped me a lot really.

i wanted to share my exam experience with all those who are thinking of taking this exam in the future.

To my displeasure, the centre did not provide me any pen and paper i am not sure if this has to do with any sun directive.

They centre manager was explained the exam process.

My next target certification is SCWCD exam.

I'm planning to take this exam in the month of march 2008.

have a happy and prosperous new year ahead,
Sreenivasa Rao.
16 years ago

You can buy it. there is no issues.


Welcome to the IT industry. If you are really looking an IT job atleast you need some basic knoweldge of OOPS and then c++ (optional) but any programmming language.

now its very great to appering scjp. welcome to java. get a new book K&B from dreamtech publications. in hyderabad its cost is around Rs. 400/-. its very good book.try to get that abd read, practive and then you'll win in SCJP.

if you need any more let me know.


You are doing great job and all the best for your friday exam. Don't feel tension be cool and you'll get very good score.

As you told javablackbelt is very good and you got the score 87%. its very good it;s showing your hardwork and confedence.

If possible please provide all the URL's for mock exams.

Once completed the exam post as much as questions, so that advancetage for new guys.

Once again wish you all he best.