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Recent posts by Micheal Knight

Hello Ranchers. I have a senario where i have to get the data from an upload file and based on the file values i had to presist in the DB. I am using SimpleFormController and was able to validate the empty file upload field. I am able to read the file data and presist in the DB accordingly.

Now i have an issue. The file should not contain any special characters or alphabets. It has to be all numeric. The length of each line should not be more than 10 digits. I am able to write all of my if statements but i am struggling to show the error on the JSP page. Like example to validate 10 numbers per line :-

How can i throw this error on my jsp page ? i am using simpleformcontroller and spring bind tags on the jsp page.
14 years ago
Thanks guys. I got someone to help me. Appreciate your help.
16 years ago
If you are interested in completing couple of modules in Srping/Mysql for the project email me at cateyesmale@aol.com. You can work from home. Money will be sent from paypal or WU whicever is convenient for you. The modules need to be completed by friday.

Decent money is offered.
16 years ago
I have been trying to search on the web and the forums trying to find an appropriate answer, unfortunately i have not succeeded yet.

I have a page where there is a text box and a search button. Once a user types a number and click on search my sql query returns 2 list in a tabular format. I have been able to accomplish this.

My only problem is on the same page where it is displaying the results i would like to have another texbox and an update button where a user will enter a number in that texbox and once clicked on update button my update query is suppose to implement.

I have onSubmit method only in the simpleformcontroller where i am displaying the results. My question is where am i suppose to write a method and how can i accomplish this task using one controller?

Is it possible for me to write 2 controllers one for search and one for update? if yes then how can i link it on a single jsp page where it is displaying the reusults? please respond. any URL or any example will be very very helpful for me.

Well there are no good books outside for springframework except for (Expert Spring MVC). All other books sprig in action, beginning in spring, etc. are all crap.

If you can read the whole book of 9 chapters on one big web applications with errors in it then go for it. Just a thought and please read the reviews on amazon.com
I do not prefer paying someone since i am still a student and would love to learn more in depth with my trainer through yahoo messenger or aol messeneger. But if someone wants to charge me some amount of money let me know i can pay him through paypal.

I have been stuck on this one simple module for 3 days now. Too bad not alot of people know about springframework and not alot of people like to waste their time on reading bunch of java source code files. I have clready bought 3 books regarding spring framework and not one single book teaches good except for expert spring MVC. but it lacks database presistence.

So i would like someone to be my trainer and help me on projects if i am stuck and i can send him money through paypal.

Thank you and have a good day.

P.S: Bert and Kathy its time for you guys to write a spring framework book. I am sure its going to be successfull just like your SCJP book is. Because you guys always write things through a newbie prespective.
16 years ago
I am not new to core java but new to spring framework. I have been reading books and now implementing it on my first project. Anyone willing to participate to contribute with me let me know or email me at cateyesmale@aol.com

I have created all the dao, service, service.impl, dao.impl, model and etc..

I need help in controller and the bean configuration.

Thank you so much
16 years ago
Ah. Thank you so much. It worked :--).

16 years ago

What i am trying to do is copy specific folder by the name of testing to my other unix server. This is what my directory structure is in server ABC




As you can see under dummy folders i have 3 different folders. But the folder which i am concern about is (testing) folder. So mike and john have testing , images and source folder. I would like to copy the parent directory which is john or mike and testing folder only to my XYZ server.

When i run my code the first time, it just copies the contents of testing folder without creating a testing folder. But when i ran the script second time everything works fine. Parent directory which is john or mike is copied to my XYZ server and testing folder is also copied under john and mike.

Can someone tell me what is going on? why my script is not creating the testing folder the first time ?
16 years ago