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Recent posts by Bhushan Chhajed

I cleared SCJP 6 back in 2009. My employer wants to see a ‘soft-copy transcript’ of my certification. I am aware that a pdf format transcript can be downloaded for Microsoft certifications. Can we do it for SCJP?
I have few details like Prometric ID and Candidate ID, but was unable to find where to login into my account. There is lot of confusion between Sun/Oracle and Prometric/Pearson.
Can someone please give me steps to download a transcript of my SCJP certificate? Where do I have to login to do it?
Many thanks in advance.
Lucky Ankit!
Yaar, please ask your faculty-friend for a link about such schemes. Else drop your email address with NIIT. And let me know, when you know about such scheme at earliest.
Thanks Somnath.
I read your post on the same day. I called NIIT Camp, Deccan & Chinchwad.
NIIT Camp said that the scheme is for NIIT students only.
For NIIT students the price is INR 3900 and for others it is INR 5000.
Unfair yaar! Anway, it was not possible for me to go to Pune for purchasing the voucher.
I haven't purchased the voucher yet. So, if you come to know about such offers hereafter, please carry on the good work to post it for ranchers.


Originally posted by Somnath Paul:

Yes, actually I called up NIIT by chance and they told me this. By the way I am staying in Pune so don't know for other centers in India but I guess it would be the same since they are running a camp.
And the coucher is priced around 4000/- for those who are giving the exam on or before 31st august and 5000/- for others giving after 31st August. The 5000/- voucher would be valid till 3rd April 2009.

Thanks a lot Somnath.
I called the NIIT Camp Centre yesterday.
They said me that the if I give the exam on or before 31st August, the price is INR 4500/- and if after that, i.e. 1st September onwards, its INR 6000/-. How is this? I think I have missed it!
I am from Nasik. How will I come to know whenever such schemes are launced?
The price is INR 7000 in other Prometrics.
Please help.

Originally posted by Sudeepa Basu:
Very insightful...

Thank you so much...

Originally posted by Marcus Green:

I doubt it is available in the shops yet, I was one of the technical reviewers and I sent in the final chapter review about a week ago so it seems unlikely to have made it through the production/supply chain yet.

I have confirmed the availability of book.
The book is titled for SCJP 5, but...
It is exactly same as SCJP 1.4 book!!!
How's this paradox?
Actually, the pages are all same, but you are provided with a link for updated topics on the coverpage itself.
This is how it is updated for SCJP 1.5!
I was unable to peep enough inside the book...

I don't remember the link exactly, but may be one of these...
Please correct me if I am wrong.

The book is available in Pune, Mumbai, Nasik... Maharashtra, India.

Originally posted by Saurabh Patil:

Hi Marcus,
I also agree that khalid moghuls book is in depth than KS book, but khalid moghuls book is on java 1.4 right? and not yet released for java 1.5 (correct me if I am wrong) thats why I am reading ks book...otherwise I would have happily read khalid moghuls book.


Hi Saurabh,
Khalid Mughal is released for SCJP 5!
I just saw the coverpage yesterday. I think it is available in book stores.
Check it out.
Go for latest one: SCJP 6.
This is generally recommended by all ranchers.
Whizlabs is cool ranchers!
After all, they are ready to pay me back!!!
Hi Ankana.

I would like to comment two things.

As Ananth said: Line 8 will not compile.
Reason: Redeclaration of variable 'o';

Second (and more important one): Why does line 9 gives an error?
You have declared variable 'a' of type A and not A[]! That is the array of class B cannot be referred by a non-array variable.
It will compile fine if you try this: A[] a = new B[1];

Now, the million dollar question....
Then how come line 8 executes fine (ofcourse if you change 'o' to say 'ob')?
You see, Object is superclass of all objects created in Java and it holds true for array variables too... Thus, when you create array of class B, class Object being the superclass of all arrays, will be able to refer it.
Thats it!
Thanks Christophe Verre and Amit Ghorpade.
Amit, when I called NIIT, they said me that its INR 7200 (Pune).
Could you please tell me when have you got the mail from NIIT and which place in India?
Thanks in advance.
Hello friends,

As mentioned earlier, I had failed in SCJP 6 about 2 weeks ago.
I heard that there is some discount available for reappearing the exam.
The Prometric centre in my city is offering INR 6750 (about USD 165) as best bargain.
Please tell me if SUN is up with some scheme for reappearing the exam.

One more issue:
When I gave the exam, the DND questions were the worst set-back for me.
The previous answers are erased when you reopen the question, its terrible.
I want to know if other testing centres have the same problem and is there any way out to solve this problem.
I will really be very thankful if you suggest some way out or let me know if there are testing centres that dont have such problems. If I need to recheck my questions in my next attempt and if the thing repeats, it will be horrible.

Thanks in advance...
How are you expecting any output?
Do you want to ask something regarding garbage collection?

Originally posted by Marte Marte:
[QB@Bhushan Chhajed

Arrays and Collections are utility classes and they must mark their api methods as public to be accessible by any class. [/QB]

Have I said something else?

Originally posted by Ralph Jaus:
You can use "Jad", for example, it's freeware.

Thanks Ralph, but I was unable to find any specific software.
Can you please guide and give me some exact link of the latest free download.