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Recent posts by Dishpal Bhaluja

I am developing a wicket 1.4 application using NetBeans 6.5

My question is:I have written a Class that extends the LoadableDetachableModel and i have written a getObject() method in that and a parameterised constructor for the class

Code is:

Where customer is my Pojo class.My aim is to load Customer Object from Database.

And in my Wicket Page i am doing like

and on rendering the page I am getting Mr in the username field while the password field is still blank.

And more importantly my load() function has not been called.Why is this behaviour?

Can anyone explain to me what is happening here?
Im developing an application using Struts and Hibernate.

I need to search through a database ,say for example to get answer for a particular question

search In documents(stored as BLOB fields in database ) or

search in database table having question and corresponding answer as the fields.

I am using Hibernate just to implement persistance,just like to implement CRUD functions in database.
Do i have to use annotations to use Hibernate search.And no EntityManagerClasses are used

I need to just implement the Lucene search in my database ,Is there any workaround for this.
And how can I create LuceneQuery and search through database field.
Paul I didnt get you?what all these actually mean?

So what you meant by a redesign?

Just convert the concept to implement it using a JSP or what?
12 years ago
Calling a SWING application from Web Application;JSP

I have my three java swing files.Im calling my swing application from JSP.So now I understood its not visible in client when I deploy it.So i need to either use JApplet or Webstart.
So please tell me a way to make my swing application start using Webstart in client.

I have database calls from this swing application that is im using a lot many classes which have many dependencies also.
And my swing application takes parameters from my JSP.So how can I implement my requirements using JNLP and webstart.

I have my classes in different packages and these classes have many dependencies.For eg:hibernate.

How can I overcome my issues,any good guides.
12 years ago
Guess thats unsafe.But how can I do this.

Can I create a jar file and use JNLP,Webstart to start the swing application from my JSP.

What I currently did is like,

I set my parameters in my action class,and forwards to a jsp page.This jsp page then calls a Swing class
and the windows get initiated.

Now I came to understand that it runs on the server and not in client

So i need a work around

So i have these three GUI related java files in my whole web application.

So now I have two ways ,

1. creating a JAR file out of these three ,[But I am passing parametes to these classes from my JSP.]
and create a JNLP and then use webstart to start the application.I dont know how to do these.
These I collected through googling.

2.Or using the applet method.

Can you shed some light on these issues.
12 years ago
I have a JSP page and I am calling a Swing Application from that page.
I guess the page will be shown at the server side only. and when deployed wont be shown in client side
But how can I make it run on the client side?

A good interface for the test environment was what I was looking for.

Any ideas.Using Struts 1.2

12 years ago
This has been a widely discussed topic here.But none of the answers point to any good solutions to using
Struts 1.2 and Struts Layout.

Actually struts layout doesnot have any good tutorials describing how to use pager tag.

My requirement:Conducting a quiz

I am to list some (say) 10 questions from a list with their options and user has to click through this 10 questions and submit to the action class.How can I implement this using struts layout.

Or if you people have any idea please help me in this
12 years ago
Thats what I enquired about.

How can I use SSL,without SSLEXT and container managed security[SSL for application Server].

Any workaround

12 years ago
I have a login form and I need to securely pass the data to server
I am using struts 1.2.9 ,Netbeans 6.5 and GlassFish v2.

I dont want to use container managed security

I need a better way to enhance security.

I tried configuring sslext ,but in vain.Is there any good tutorial for configuring this,Please help.

Or just give me any other work around
12 years ago
Hello,is there anyone who can help me in this
12 years ago
I am using struts action and doing like:

I retrieved a BLOB object in the form of byte[] array and set the response to jsp page.
The code is working perfectly,but my audio is opened using Media Player separately.

My aim is to embed the audio in my response. That is it should play within jsp (using plugin)

I know it can be done using embed tag.

But how can I dynamically call an action and set the embed tag's content

Can I do like <embed src=actionServlet></embed>

I have gone through : but author itself hasnt replied yet.

Help needed from your part.
12 years ago
I configures struts layout taglibrary in Struts Application

I need to use layout:date

I configured a java.util.Date formBean property and in other try changed it to String

In both cases I was gettign the message NullPointerException
How can I resolve this issue?

Is there any tutorial that helps me to find layout:forms elements mapping to formBeans(I meant the datatypes to be used)
12 years ago
Environment: NetBeans 6.5
Server:GlassFish V2

Things done:Configured SSLEXT by adding SSLEXt.jar to my library
and setting my configuration files

Aim:Implementing SSL in Struts application

I created a sample Struts application with SSL support.

I am using sslext:form to submit my form

On submitting its changing to https thats visible from my browser.

But my forward is not working ,that is when I submit the form,I get a page not found error.

My jsp page where sslext form exists

My Action class just forwards it to the index2.jsp

My config file that contains the details

My Plugin configuration in config file is:

I changed the httpPort to 8250 because defaulty my url came something like http://myApp:8250/index.jsp
I hope this is not the issue,issue has something to do with Glassfish or I am missing some important configurations here.

12 years ago
Ya that worked.Thanks for the insightful comment.

I remapped the entire thing still Its coming like that only.I guess the problem is with how I am inserting the value.
In the case Im creating a new UserObject rather than loading it from database,Its correctly inserting to both tables.
Where as when I use a load an extraneous delete is found.
How can I get rid of this?