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Recent posts by Icaro Dourado

This previous question is very important for those, like me, that are gettting prepared to SCBCD 5.0 instead of EJB 3.1 and/or JPA 2.0 !!!
Does anyony have any news about this question?
Thanks in advance
Dear Youcef,
Your path to succeed it was great although I am convinced it was a bit hard, wasn´t it?
I am planning to pass this same exam but I won´t have so much time to perform it.
Since you´ve got this great 100% score, I´d like to ask you some opinion on how everybody else could achieve around 80% without much previous experience (my actual desire)
Thanks in advance.
This seems easy to solve, but I suggest you to get the version where you just run its scripts to start and stop it instead of the one you start it as a service. Plus, put it in a folder you have full permission (like in your documents).
Yesterday I took javaranch´s SCWCD mock and scored 80%. The question is, how close to the real 1.5 exam is it? In my opinion it seemed a little easy since I haven´t done mocks yet (not even the final HFSJ mock).
This question is not fair!

Despite the fact that we should avoid using include directive for things we know that may change in the future, it can STILL be used for dynamic content due the fact we can include JSP code (which provides dynamic behavior), for example. That makes alternative A correct, in my opinion.

Plus, alternative D is also correct! It is similar to alternative C, the question does not say we could not use scriptlets in our JSPs.

By pointing out these arguments, A B and D seem all correct.
I suppose every listener should be declared in your DD, otherwise how could they be found?
That is about the default directory in which Apache Web Server places your projects. Webapps, on the other hand, is about the same but considering Tomcat, a web container. Remind Tomcat and Apache (Web Server) aren´t the same stuff although they can work together.

I know it is an old topic but since it is the only one I found on the forum that address to my following question...

The thing is, if we strictly think about the possibility to or not to handle 'form data' in a servlet, I see nothing wrong about letter A, which states doHead() from HttpServletRequest. I mean, isn't possible to get parameters and then process them when we are handling a doHead() ? If so, for me both A and B seem to be right answers.
Hello guys,
I passed in SCJP two days ago (December 28th, 2007), with 75%.
I studied for some weeks two months ago, then I stopped because of the college and the work, and then I returned to study two weeks before the exam
I used the book: SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 - Study Guide (Kathy Sierra). In my opinion it is almost everything you need to be prepared.
I have to say that I didn't read all the book I read only 4 chapters, but I did questions founded at guj and here, and because I work with java, it helps a little. My worst was in concurrency and API, I answered them using my knowledge that I had before, and that I got in the questions I did (I wrote a lot of codes for situations I could imagine). I was thinking I wasn't prepared enough, and I was even planning to schedule other one. My advice: don't do as I did. Study all the book, make examples and resume, mockes, and so on.
I am taking a look about SCWCD, but some guys are saying that its version 5.0 is comming, so I will wait a little.. (What do you think? May I start to study before it comes?)

The score I got in it was:
Flow control: 72%
OO Concepts: 80%
API Contents: 50%
Declaration, Initialization and Scoping: 100%
Collections / Generics: 80%
Fundamentals: 81%
Concurrency: 50%

thanks a lot for all. (sorry by this english you are seeing heheh I'm brazilian)
Icaro Dourado
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10 years ago