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Recent posts by Michael Rivera

I was an android developer circa 2008, now managing people. Im thinking to get a book and some new pet peojects to begin with.

I've head head first before and know for a fact they are a fun and educational book.

Any tips doing android these days?
2 years ago
Yes, thus the reason I'm getting your insights with the question.

Agile is agile as what you said, for me at least i use them whenever there is a complex project, and waterfall the known out of the box solutions.
Im asking if knowing an est8mate before planning still a good approach because it may sound a waterfall approach in a sprint.
Some you do not need to estimates because they are already known
Min of 3 and maximum of 9
For me and the way we apply it,

Agile is about delivering product increments efficiently in a short span of time.
This is where some requirements are oredefines or out of the box that we already give them the deadline in a sprint.

Let me know your thoughts if this is the case or needs to put things into chunks of user stories in the product backlog
Wanted to understand why would someone would choose aws sagemaker vs. The normal way.

I'm part of the team that manages these invidiuals and we're assessing sagemaker to continue our efforts.

I may need this information and knowledge there of.
4 years ago
I like the title, and yes these impediments or what i sometimes call it ISSUES, are needed to define and to establish a pattern of solutions that might be put up, but of course this isn't the case most of the times.

I would definitely need to check this out.
Wow, quite nice to be honest. I think I better need to investigate If Go can really be used/replaced some of Java's platform or offerings right now.

For the mobile part, yes Java is the language behind Android, but if there would be a Mobile OS that can utilise Go then that would be a plus for the Go language .

Maybe Go needs some resources for newbies like me to check out and start developing out( I'd probably haven't checked if there are any), maybe you could list out some of the best things out there here.

I always like to read things from scratch , not soft copy but the hard one I'd probably check on this one.

7 years ago
I've been doing Java since 2008, and I just needed a list of reasons why would someone like me try and use Go as another language. I've been working with Android for the time being i have left enterprise java. In this sense I knew Go might be something similar in terms of platform capabilities with Java?
7 years ago
Im not the author, but the book say Android - this is a native platform and doesn't care about integration with others.
8 years ago
yes, that is why I am waiting for the HF Android ( if there are any before) now it happened. I was working with Android since 2008, and did new stuff as time goes by, read some books but they are fairly straightforward. I have fun reading this HF so i am into waiting to have this happened.

I know this would be early but this is not the first and last edition... i know it isn't hehe.
8 years ago
Seems like you own the book ?

I just wanted to know how did they create the book in terms of Android being fragmented (still) and to let readers have a mindset that this isn't a problem anymore, with this Head First Android which i think will have a continuous editions.
8 years ago

I was also wondering if the book shares the same head first series... Being witty yet sticks to your head?

Does this also has Material design?
8 years ago