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Recent posts by Hari Dhanakoti

I face a problem in selecting a single item on the list of <form : options> under <form:select>. I have multiple items on the drop down how to enable a particular item as selected.

Please guide me ASAP

11 years ago
Any of the implementation JPA or the other.
I face the same situation.

I have a master table where i have a separate entity the reference table doesn't have the entity class. I have used the @SQLDelete annotation to restrict the delete operation into update operation on the master table but the reference table record gets deleted automatically when entityManager.remove() is called.

Is there is any possible way to restrict the delete operation performed on the reference table which doesn't have an entity class.
Hi Sharma,
Have you tried the same and attained the solution? How did you handle the same for the Many-to-many relationship.
Please do revert ASAP
Hi all,
I am now trying to change the status of record from 'active' to 'deleted' where i am using @SQLDelete annotation. Can anyone please guide me how to proceed with this implementation.
I need a working example so that i can get much information from it.
I have specified a code here and would like to know which of the above interface will be invoked.

Hi friends,

I have a scenario to be solved.

Say thread t1 and t2 thread objects created.

Thread t1 has to print only the odd number and the t2 has to print the even number.

Can anyone give me a solution for this scenario.
Thanks guys,

The concept of having the varargs is achieved in a much better way by this specification..

I am now clear with the concept and thanks a lot...

Earlier, it was bit confusing and now clear....

Hi friends,

I have a simple doubt about whats the difference in specifying the String[] and String...

We make use of the String... in the code snippet as such

public static void main (String... s){}

public static void main (String[] s){}

Whats the technical / logical advantage of using as such instead...
So, far I have tried to write the byte values wit the encoding format "ISO-8859-1" using ByteArrayInputStream(b),Charset.forName("ISO-8859-1");

How the values of the string be written to the java memory?

When I try to read the value in a stream how they should be read with the same encoding format (ISO-8859-1)?
11 years ago
Thanks for the reply.

I have tried the same with assigning it to DAO but it results with an error. Where it looks that a primary key must be assigned before invoking a session object or executing a createQuery().
In my sample program I tried to retrieve set of records from my database using the below statements. I am successful with retrieving data from database.

I added up a unique id generator in the entity constructor.

Whenever session.createQuery("from Personal p") is invoked it calls up the constructor and it generates a new unique ID. wherein it should not be generated.

I am not sure where I have to specify the newly generated unique identifier for the primary_key

Can any one specify how to minimize/solve the problem
Found the solution

In default the pojo members are not initialized. The primary key (@Id) member have to be initialized it could be either with "" or null to make it work.

Thanks for the help

Hope this helps for others to solve this type of issue.
11 years ago

I am working with upgrading the jboss web server from 4.2.2 to 5.1.0.

Here am facing an error stating "Could not synchronize database state with session org.hibernate.exception.DataException: could not insert: [package.class]" when i try to insert the values to database.

The same application worked fine with the 4.2.2. Can anyone please point out what the problem is and the corrective steps.

11 years ago
I am just trying 2 run the struts samples and i really cant recall the way how to display the ActionForm bean values.

Here is the scenario.

I have a JSP page having a text box to search for the customer's first name. I have the result display division on the same jsp page, on action it should display the corresponding names on the division. I am able to retrieve the values from database and i can't set to the ActionForm bean on the page.

How to set the values directly to the ActionForm bean from action to back to the JSP page from Action.

I know its a minor issue but unable to find out. Help me on this
12 years ago
Thanks tabiul mahmood !!
let me try to execute the code..