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Good experience sharing, thanks!
8 years ago
meth1's tx attribute is NotSupported ,so meth2's tx will not be started

you can refer to J2EE specification as follows:


If the client is running within a transaction and invokes the enterprise bean's method, the container suspends the client's transaction before invoking the method. After the method has completed, the container resumes the client's transaction.

If the client is not associated with a transaction, the container does not start a new transaction before running the method.

Use the NotSupported attribute for methods that don't need transactions. Because transactions involve overhead, this attribute may improve performance.
I used hibernate to implement Data paging

but I must execut count(*) every time, it will decrease the performance of db

so anybody can give me some advice or example SQL for oracle datapaging without count

getting paging data and total once time

thanks in advance
the second method will reach better performance ,but you must have a fast way to paser big xml file
12 years ago
root cause is
[java] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:


other Exceptions is useless

check aop package is exist or not in your server

Originally posted by srikanth arroju:
when i run stateful session bean it generating this exception