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Recent posts by Anil Deshpande

Yeah... There might be scenarios where Java module interacts with SAP modules. Just like most of the other CRM and ERP. But I don't know anything beyond that. I am novice to the field of ERPs. That's why I need some guidance here.
10 years ago
Hi All,

I am in a kind of biggest career dilemma. I am from Java background. I have been a Java developer for last seven years and especial for last 4 years I have been working in the field of mobility as Android developer.
There is a big shuffle going on where I work and I have been asked to choose one of the following options.

1. Oracle practice
2. Seibel
3. SAP
I have some assumptions which might be wrong we well. Java is some how connected with Oracle and Seibel (Oracle took over Seibel in 2005). But there is no relationship between Java and SAP.

I am not able to make up my mind. I have no idea which one would be most relevant for person from Java. Or is this career transition suicidal career wise. Please help me choose.

Any kind of answer, pointer would be greatly appreciated.

Awaiting the answers.

Anil Deshpande

10 years ago
I am new to Android Monkey UI Exerciser. Whenever I execute the monkey in the command prompt
adb shell monkey -v 50, it gives me some out put as follows.

:Monkey: seed=0 count=50
:IncludeCategory: android.intent.category.LAUNCHER
:IncludeCategory: android.intent.category.MONKEY
// Event percentages:
// 0: 15.0%

// 1: 10.0%

// 2: 15.0%

// 3: 25.0%

// 4: 15.0%

// 5: 2.0%

// 6: 2.0%

// 7: 1.0%

// 8: 15.0%

:Switch: #Intent;action=android.intent.action.MAIN;category=android.intent.categ
// Allowing start of Intent { act=android.intent.action.MAIN cat=[
tent.category.LAUNCHER] } in package

:Sending Pointer ACTION_MOVE x=-4.0 y=2.0

:Sending Pointer ACTION_UP x=0.0 y=0.0

:Sending Pointer ACTION_DOWN x=47.0 y122.0

:Sending Pointer ACTION_UP x=29.0 y=129.0

:Sending Pointer ACTION_DOWN x=255.0 y=259.0

:Sending Pointer ACTION_UP x=255.0 y=259.0

:Sending Pointer ACTION_DOWN x=295.0 y=223.0

:Sending Pointer ACTION_UP x=290.0 y=213.0

:Sending Pointer ACTION_MOVE x=-5.0 y=3.0

Events injected: 50

ropped: keys=0 pointers=0 trackballs=0 flips=0
Network stats: elapsed time=1421ms (1421ms mobile, 0ms wifi, 0ms not connecte
d)// Monkey finished</code>

I am unable to interpret it. The android developers documentation is also unhelpful.
What does event percentage mean? What does switch mean? What is the co-relation between 9 items in event percentages and 9 sending pointers?

Please help me understand the output of monkey.
12 years ago
thanks a lot.. the tutorial also helped
12 years ago
I just wanted to know what is the comparison of Threads in Java and forking concept in Unix.
As far as I know, correct me if I am wrong

Forking is multiprocessing. When you fork a child process (not thread) get's created. The the child process will not share any resources with the parent process from which it got created through forking.

But this is not the case with the Threads in Java.When you create threads, there share the same process resources.

Am I right? Is it proper to compare the Threads of Java and Fork. Or is it like Apple to Orange comparison. I need some proper perspective about this.

12 years ago
Thanks a lot Fred...

I liked your analogy oh "House painting". Made it very easy for me to understand
12 years ago
This is reaslly stupid of me. I know there is now concept of pass by referenc in Java. But I am gettig confused after looking at the code.

The out put is modified array. How is it happening. If I am passing the array of strings then also also I am getting the same behavior (that code is not prsent here. But in that case the method takes array of String and modifies the String array anre returns the the String array. )\

So are array, be it of premitive or objects, passed by reference.?

Please let me know.

Thanks and Regards,>
12 years ago
I am adroid developer. I am exploring the Junit testing of Android JUnit. I got many examples on how to test the Android Activity. But so far I have not encountered any examples or sample code on hwo to test Services and Content Provider. There is some theortical information is available on Android developer portala. But that is no code samples like they have provided for the activity.

Even the sample code avialable with Android SDK doesn't conatins any sample code testing service and Content providers. Can any body here please give me pointer on these topics. It would be of grat help.

Thanaks and Regards,
12 years ago
@William: thanks for claryfying my doubt. I think I missed the "client" thing while reading.

@Ulf: I was just exploring the possibilities. I had come across some kSOAP based web services in Android. So I was checking it out.

Thanks and for both.
13 years ago

I have implimented a SOAP web service using Axis. The web service adds two numbers and returns the sum. The code looks like this.

And I have published the web service and its working fine. If I execute it through Axis framework it's working perfectly fine.
And now I am tring to access the web service through Android Activity

This is the utility interface which contains the constants.

And this is the activity code.

The last line in the code is throwing NullPointerException. I know it's bacause "result" is being initialized to null. My Question is where I am going wrong. Please give me the solution on how to consume a web service which takes parameters and also returns some thing in response.

Thans and Regards,
13 years ago
I am cmpletly new to Web service. If question seems very primitive sorry. But I need to know what is the relationship between SOAP and kSOAP2. I have been working in Android. And Android doesn't support SOAP. It makes use of kSOAP2. But while publishing the SOAP web services I am not makin use of anything related to kSOAP2.
I am consuming the SOAP web service using kSOAP2.

Does that mean SOAP is used for publising the web service and kSOAP2 is used for consuming the web service?

And also whether kSOAP 2 can also be used to publish web service.

I am making use of Axis to publish SOAP web service through Eclispe IDE. I am making use of bottom up approach to publish the web service through tomcat web server.

Please clarify my doubts.

Thanks and Regards,
Anil Deshpande
13 years ago
I am trying to sign the android application that I have created.

It's a simple Hello world application. I am using zaplinkey tool that comes with the android sdk. I am creating a new key not making use of existing key.

When I finally click the finish button I am getting this error.

keyTool error: java.ioException: Invalid keystore format

What is the problem. Am i missing anything. I am making use of Eclipse IDE to create the apk file.

13 years ago
Ok, Can you cite an example for make the concept more apparant. If the preferences are being used for storing preferences, can't we do it in SQlite. Why preferecnes?
13 years ago
Hi All,

I am new to Android Platform. I have just started coding in Android.

In the concept of Data storage every book talks about Shared Prefereces.

My understanding od shared preference is that Its used for storing primitive key value pairs in the file. But What I don't understand is we can accomplish this even using a

bundle in Intent. WHy do we need a seperate concept of shared preferences.

Please correct me if my concepts are wrong.

Thanks and Regards,
Anil Deshpande
13 years ago
I went through the specification. It's really confusing :-(.

Can you suggest some article which explains it in simple manner.

Thanks and Regards
Anil Deshpande
13 years ago