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Recent posts by mr Morena

rajesh rasu wrote:When i install the android application in the emulator through ant script,the emulator is launched successfully.But i got error like "error could not access the package manager. is the system running" before installation of the application.Please tell solution for this.

My Ant code is below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<project name="myproject">

<target name="create_avd_device">
<exec executable="D:/android-sdk/tools/android.bat">
<arg value="create"/>
<arg value="avd"/>
<arg value="--target"/>
<arg value="2"/>
<arg value="--name"/>
<arg value="rt5"/>

<target name="start.emulator" depends="create_avd_device" >
<exec executable="D:/android-sdk/tools/emulator.exe" timeout="30000">
<arg value="-avd"/>
<arg value="rt5"/>

<target name="list_device">
<echo message="list of device"/>
<exec executable="D:/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe">
<arg value="devices"/>


<echo message="Build it and set it up for android" />
<echo message="launch of app"/>
<target name="push_tests_to_device" depends="list_device">

<exec executable="D:/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb.exe">
<arg value="install"/>
<arg value="-r"/>
<arg value="D:\AnBEmail.apk"/>



Just wait until emulator be loaded completely, once it finished then you could simply run your application

Catalin Stoiovici wrote:

Ramu Valivarthi wrote:Thanks Jaikiran,

Its got resolved.

What was the solution? I am having the same issue...

I had same issue, once I checked my war file then I came to know that classes folder was empty. Actually I was using one phaseListener in my project ,it was configured into face-config.xml but its compiled class file was not.
10 years ago
I have successfully passed SCJP exam by 78% on 06/11/2010.

thanks to SCJP forum.
it helps me to find better material and find suitable mock exams!
13 years ago
change your current directory to one upper level from food.

directory structure :

.-- // you should be here
- food

- some directories

then run :

java food.Fruit
The access modifier of super class is public so class definition is public .Any other class could extend it from everywhere.
But just Same package classes( classes that are in the same package) could implement abstract method cause absMethod() has default access modifier!
it's better to change access modifier of super class to default!

Originally posted by Andry Dub:

Is there difference between exceptions typically thrown by JVM/Programmatically and Runtime/Checked exceptions?

in java programing: you can catch runtime error with try/catch.

}catch(RuntimeException ex)


but any error by jvm,will stop your program and running fail.
indeed you can't catch jvm error(exception)!