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Sapika Am

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Recent posts by Sapika Am

For most cases String class itself is good . API has enough right use is the trick

Unless using String class operations itself is source of performance bottleneck, try StringBuilder/StringBuffer. if thats not good/ possible yes go for char Arrays.

Its a question of drawing line b/w Readable code, right maintainable implementation and performance. U will have rework for sure in many cases.....

Example cases of apt usages....
CASE : replacing chars in string
EX - s.replace('<','['); Its apt... Its best than char operation
doing s.replace("<","[") --- incorrect use, overkill

CASE: using String.replace("\n","") is slower.
Even for removing invalidXML Chars from external input....
converting to char array and doing array operation, atleast 3X faster

CASE : If doing pattern find and replace then well String.replaceAll is better bet...
Using replaceAll for non patterns will not help performance

CASE: char Access -- doing charAt() v/s (toCharArray() then charArray[i])
cahrArray[n] emerges clear winner at 100.
charAt() : String length (4-10) way faster
charArray[i]: String length 1000+ approaches 0.4X fastness
if source String is constant then changing to charArray is works

I recollect these from my own experience
Let me know more if you know
10 years ago

I have been able to show/hide the message

Now once user selects from the list you show the message. At this point capture the value or set a dirty flag.

When user again edits the field, capture the onKeyDown event and check if its backpsace to hide the message or you could do actual comparison of values
u could do a javascript validate routine linked to onSubmit, Before form gets submitted. and bring focus to the offending element
select elements option is stored in array
//use <new Option(text, value, defaultSelected, selected)> instead

// example

var allItems = document.getelementById('allItems');
allItems[2] = new Option('New Element');
Thirumaniselvan, is it properties alone that you want to disable??

you might want to take a loot at Disabling .... details a lot on this matter
what is your intent for disabling properties from right click?
Well its a registry tweak that you will have to do for IE Browser. (properties can be accessed from file > Properties too )

If you wanted to completely disable right click for your page then add this to body ......
<body oncontextmenu="return false;">
purpose : a way to let an object instance refer to itself.
11 years ago
Am Sorry about your current situation. But do not let it affect you. We here were not aware, that you know sql. They should have taken you into confidence and honoured your expectations, creating a win-win relationship. But again that always does not happen.

I suggest you relax a bit, give it a fresh relook before you try changing company again. you could ask your wellwishers. If the current company has met atleast your renumeration / Role expectations then it might be worthwhile to stay

If you conclude company change is not an option then here is something you could do.
1. Set a deadline (say three months, yeah 100 days) for the team to give you what you expect or get a replacement for your role and relieve you, but you might have to be persuasive.
2. Since work is more or less routine you could finish it early and spare some time. There is OR mapping that you could try on your own and then learn /rpactice nuances of hiberante . And there is uml and design aspects of your old projects that you could brood upon. Yep end of Three years is definitely a turning point from being a mere coder to something bigger.
11 years ago
HI Sonal,
If this exposure to SQL is going to make you sound in SQl , Then i Suggest do stay. Knowing database is an essential to any Software professional. In the mean time you could also go through Javas advanced topics.
11 years ago