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Recent posts by Rajesh Veluchamy

when i click a link it's making one iframe visible using javascript.
My page it too long. so, when i click that link my page scroll to top.

my fucntion

my iframe

[ December 28, 2008: Message edited by: Eric Pascarello ]
i got it

it's working that means
it was creating file previously also, but where?

can any one help me
9 years ago
Dear Boyarsky ,
It doesn't throws any exception, and file is not created in server

and i am able to see the logs "System.out.println("2");", which i used for testing
9 years ago
try this one

<td>Subject of Issue
<select name="selName">

String theBR;
String txtValue = "";
File fin=new File("C:/TestData/data.txt");
FileReader fr=new FileReader(fin);
BufferedReader br=new BufferedReader(fr);
String[] theSplit=theBR.split(",");
for(int i=0;i<theSplit.length;i++)
out.print("<option value=\"" + theSplit[i] +
"\">" + theSplit[i] + "</option>");

}catch(Exception Ex){
System.out.println("exception in getting connection"+Ex.getMessage());

9 years ago
When i call this page from java main() function it is creating file, writing the contents in that

But when i call this from jsp, i is not creating file, but it is printing
1 5(the limit which i passed to the function)

is there any restriction like this in jsp?

jsp code

9 years ago
now i have closed in finally block,
then also same problem

thanks Boyarsky & Larsen,

one SQL will work but there is a issue too, in a single oracle "in" statement, we can pass only 1000 iputs. Even that can be solved by assigning in a array or something else.

But i want to know why my cursors are not closed
Even though i have closed all statement, result set and connections

and my cursors are closed when exception occurs
i want to run a for loop for more than 1000 time
and each time the will execute a simple query

but my problem is after 700 time i am getting "ORA-01000 maximum open cursors exceeded" exception

my cursor limit is 700, i can't increase it

what i want to know is
why my cursors are not closed

Thanks in advance
select sysdate from dual

i want the date in 1-nov-2008 instead of 01-nov-2008

Can any one help me

Thanks in advance
9 years ago
using size in <select> </select> we increase the height. but i want to fix the width. Is that possible ?

my code is

i want a fixed width say 100 or 200, is there any option
thanks Gregg,
Is it possible to hide a dropdown box i.e, <select></select>

Till now i know only "<input type=hidden/>"

My requirement now is, the dropdown should be visable to user only when he click one option button
i am sorry if i am not able to specify clearly

since "dropdownSuspType" variable is not in main page, and it comes from ajax. i am getting error

If the use is not selecting status and it's default("Please Select") is selected then i should display alert "Please select status".
i am creating a dropdown box using ajax.Now i want to check whether he(user) has selected value from that. i am getting object not found error, since that will be created only at runtime
I am using Jrun server. I have included basacAll.jar file, which contains com/portal/bas/PPooledConnectionClientServices.java and in my lib folder also i have com/portal/bas/PPooledConnectionClientServices.java

now according to the above code "PPooledConnectionClientServices" will use which one.

Thanks in advance
9 years ago