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Recent posts by gokul aher

Hi Friends,
I am new to RAD and JMS.
I have Problems in running JMS application with security enabled
I am using MDB 2.0 based JMS Application (standalone java application)
with Listner Port and I am using v5 Default massaging as a JMS resource in RAD

The Exception I am facing is as under

javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: MQJMS2013: invalid security authentication supplied for MQQueueManager
(please note that I am not Using Whebsphere MQ I am using V5 Default massaging as a JMS resource in RAD )

To solve above Exaception I have done some Security settings in QCF( Queue Connection Factory)As Under

In my example authentication mechanism is set to Container, then I configure the JMS ConnectionFactory with a container-managed Authentication Alias and ensure that the associated username and password are valid.

After above setting the previous exception (which is mention above) is resolved but following exception occured

SECJ4030E: Unrecognizable Callback index = 2

The Example I am using is available at following URL (

To solve above exception "SECJ4030E" I have search Google and I got this info
The sample only supports security in a limited fashion. Each sample requires some manual configuration in order to allow it to work properly with security enabled. This is documented in each sample's Configure and Run section of the samples gallery.
(For More Info refer:

Well One Important Thing I want to add here is the given Example ( is working fine
If the security is disabled (Messages are send successfully and consume successfully by onMessage()method) But
When I enable the Global security it gives me above problems.

Well, I want to add one MDB in My application (ESSP Enterprise sales and service product It�s a banking product) and My application required Global security enabled.

So in a nutshell when I disable Security the MDB that I want to Add Works fine But When I Enable Security then MDB Wont Work(I have not found any manual configuration In the given sample Apllication "" )
I think my sample application requires some manual configuration in order to work properly

Can any Buddy PLEASE HELP ME! (I am struggling since last 4 days)

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13 years ago