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you might required to put your jar and exe file (if it requires ) in lib folder.

then you may reference it in your application.

hope it works.

let me know if you want any thing else.
10 years ago

Schandha Ravi wrote:Thank you Kengkaj,

Do you have any idea if RMH has come up with his book for SCJDWS 5.0 ? I tried to search in Amazon and EBay, but could not find it?

now did you find the book for SCDJWS 5.0 by RMH? i have searched a lot and found the book that, "THe Ultimate Guide J2EE web services" by same author but i think it's for 1.4 not for 5.0.

Harvinder Thakur wrote:Thanks Amit for the update. I must be sleeping.
Looking at your signature you are SCDJWS 1.5 certified. Can you please suggest what is the study material that i should use for the new exam?
I already have RMH for J2EE 1.4. What parts of RMH are still relevant for SCDJWS 1.5 exam?

Can you help me to find the book, "The Ultimate Guide J2EE web services" by RMH. i am currently in Ahmedabad Gujarat. i searched a lot local stores bu couldn't find the book, can you guide me from where i can get the book

Deepika Joshi wrote:thanks a lot.....

Hi Guys i am planning to go for SCDJWS 5.0 - the new one !!!

i am also planning for go for "RMH" book in addition to MZ (Mikalai Zaikin) WSD Guide and WSD Quiz and whizlab for scdjws 1.4. but i have some questions,

(1) is the study path is anough for new version also ?
(2) from where i get the book "THe Ultimate Guide J2EE web services" - by RMH in INDIA (specifically in Gujarat - Ahmedabad).

thanks in advance......

Hi I am also Preparing for the SCDJWS 5.0 (CX-310-230).

i have read so many forums and search a lot on net and finally come to the conclusion as,

(1) there is not big difference between 1.4 and 5.0 - what i thought that the difference may be between APIs related questions
(2) the books are mostly
a. The Ultimate Guide J2EE web Service by RMH
b. Java Blue Prints.
c. Guide provided by Mikalai Zaikin.

My Questions are below, please any one can help me to get the answers then will be great help,

(1) is the study path i listed above is enough ? (BTW i am preparing for 5.0 ).
(2) The Book The Ultimate Guide J2EE web Service by RMH - from where i get it in INDIA ? (i tried a lot to search but didn't found )....