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Prabhat Gupta

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Recent posts by Prabhat Gupta

Very truly said. Even i am planning to switch to some other job which is near to my home but not related to my current job. Infact i will cherish the moments and knowledge that i have gathered here. I feel wherever are you , just enjoy your work and give your best since life is just like a graffiti with many notes in different shades.

Also i have decided not to look back about my previous jobs otherwise i won't be able to give my whole commitment to new employer.

I wish to hear some thing more from others
10 years ago
Thanks Wouter,
I tried what suggested by you .But it works for double type only not for float type.

Output :



Even if i try to convert first float to double then format obtained double value ,the result is same as formatting of float number.

Any other suggestions are welcomed

Hi All,

I am trying to get literal value of a float variable in decimal form .not in scientific notation.What should be approach?

Here output is 1.23456792E8 but i wish it should be 123456789.123 .

Thanks in advance.

I have checked the text file exists in jar by unzipping it.

if you want those rules to be changeable by the end user.

No the text file and its content won't be changeable by the end user.

If you're bundling the text file with the jar then you need to read it as a resource off of the classpath.

How do we do it? can you please elaborate it.
10 years ago
Hi Ranchers !!

My Project has following structure

In class Test1 i am reading File1.txt by following code

When i run this class (Using eclipse)it works fine and show the content of File1.txt.

But the problem is coming when i create a jar file(which include class with main() method also).When i try to run this by java -jar Test.jar it is showing file not found exception for Rules/File1.txt file.
I guess i need to set a class-path somewhere so that when i execute jar file it can locate File1.txt.

I have noticed that when i unzip the jar file its content structure is not same as actual project Test. Actual project contains the File1.txt under Rules folder which is directly under project Test .But the unzipped jar contains File1.txt directly under Test and also Rules folder is not created.

Please suggest possible solution for above problem.

Thanks in advance.

10 years ago
Overall it is you who is going to decide and finally to settled down. Since i am not very much aware about your self but i wish to suggest you to stay here ( i.e India )and try to search better jobs if you are not satisfied with current one. It is good to take a risk for unknown future but not always .Most importantly you are married one with responsibility of family and two young daughters.It is not always easy to survive in a new country when you don't have any relative there.I won't say that the job markets in USA have very good prospects or it is ideal time to take risk.

So before making any final decision consider your family obligations also.It will help to decide what suits you.
10 years ago
Even Hyderabad and Chennai have good prospects for java jobs. You can try there also.
10 years ago
But Why it is 9..why not 8 or 10 ?? ...any thoughts??
10 years ago
Hey Guys,
Some days ago ,i was listening one of Bryan Adams' hit 'Cloud No 9'.
I tried very hard to figure out what does it actually mean by 'Cloud No 9 '?? Is it like any phrase ,or any idea of context from where this word is originated?
10 years ago

Pushkar writes
It's everyone's own choice, but if you ask me, I would take the job any day rather than sitting at home and hoping to get a better salary.

I never mentioned in my previous post to sit idle with the hope that some day your dream job will knock your door.
Rather i believe to use your network and skill to hunt better opportunities .Yes you might face same result 'rejection' for once or twice more .But ultimately you will get into that position where you deserve what you are.
Again It is totally individual decision but in my case i will not prefer to be devalued .
10 years ago

Henry write
Get yourself onto stable ground first

I too agree with this. But I am not fully convinced with the idea of accepting a job with lower salary .Are we similar to some machinery which value deprecate after some time when it is not in use ? I believe a machine can't do new things as time passes but we become more and more skilled and experienced with time .
So in this context will it be justified to be satisfied with lesser even we deserve better.
I accept he is out of job for some time but it doesn't mean he has lost his shine .Even he has done better in interview why HR guys are doing all these stuffs .This is more a like of exploitation of a person because there is scarcity of jobs and he needs it urgently.
10 years ago
How much money that you can fetch from your employer ,also depends on your negotiation skills.
10 years ago
I feel a bit of luck is also required to get through any interview.Specially when there is no universal answers for various interview questions,we can't be sure about our answer is correct or not.Moreover it also depends on the mood of interviewer also.
But we can't sail through by the boarding the SHIP-of-LUCK only .A good preparation and sound knowledge of subject are also required.
10 years ago
It is very surprising to find out UK is still in recession.Analysts are saying it as the longest recession in record.Although Other economies are doing good (at least out of recession) In spite of having sound economy How can UK is not able to come out from shadow of recession? Only GOD knows when it is going to be over
10 years ago
Nowadays i seldom play chess. But in my college days i used to play it with software called 'ChessMaster'. It was really superb programs that includes all things that you need to know regarding chess.
10 years ago