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Use your oracle ID to logon and prepare your candidate ID with you.
Is SCWSD study guide still unavailable in the market up to now? Who are the real authors - Kukkamala/Josephraj or Habibi/Camerlengo? I got the bookstore manager confused... Can I still use 1.4 reviewer/mock exams for 1.5? I heard that web service is one of the toughest in Sun certifications, and I'm just starting, good luck to me! I never had the opportunity to use this technology at my work, but I have to learn it for my future

Anyways, i'll try to get the reference that Ray Chow has mentioned. Thanks and great score dude!

I'm lost! This is my first time to hear about "Implementation patterns". I am trying to find my way to Design Patterns (Creational, Structural, Behavioral stuff) again...and voila! How I wish every developer will find this thread because in the real world, you'll find yourself trapped reading codes which are barely "readable" <big sigh>. Well good for you if you are not one of us

Quoted from Kent Beck
"The focus of the book is on writing code so others can read and understand it. An example pattern is Composed Method which answers the question of how long methods should be. Methods should be composed out of other methods, each of which is at similar levels of abstraction (an example of the principle of symmetry)."

SCJP 1.5 <average score only>, SCWCD 1.5 <average score only..again>, hmmm should I take SCJD? hmmm again....

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