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You can do anything with python, starting from small automation scripts, up to fully fledged web apps.
4 years ago
If you're willing to shed off some money, I would suggest pycharm by jetbrains (or intellij with the python plugin). There's also a community edition of it
4 years ago
I took a look in the amazon sample, and it says that the code in the book is using python 3, and might not run correctly, if at all, on python 2.
4 years ago
Hello Chris,

The info I pur was there until late July (just two months ago), and this is why I got it from the archive. It's not outdated.
5 years ago

  • In Automator, create a Calendar Alarm
  • Select Utilities from the library pane
  • Select & drag Run AppleScript into the workflow area
  • Copy/paste the AppleScript into the Run AppleScript box
  • Save the newly created Calendar Alarm
  • Open, create a new event
  • Select the Automator calendar as your reference calendar
  • Select Open File for the alert, and select the file you created in Automator. By default, iCal is the file that comes up when you select Open File.
  • Change that to the name of the Automator app you created.
  • Select Other if the file name isn't shown.

  • credits to

    Also take a look at this
    5 years ago
    It doesn't come with antivirus software, however the risk of getting a virus on a mac is really really really low, so most mac users don't bother getting any.
    5 years ago
    It's not a feature per-se, it's the version number
    5 years ago
    According to Apple's recommendations (current webpage changed)

    Apple recommends charging and discharging its battery at least once per month.

    Keep it plugged in, but empty the battery every now and then, and charge it back
    5 years ago
    My suggestion would be to send her the source files only, and let her import them in a new project that she creates. I also suggest that she does this in a new eclipse workspace. Finally, make sure that she's using the same server type and version as you are.
    I think that this has to do with the version number of the public beta not being a standard one that the installer is not able to determine. It requires a minimum version of 10.7.3. To fix this in public beta, just do the following

    Go to System->Library->CoreServices inside your OS X hard drive and open the file "SystemVersion.plist" with TextEdit. Change the system version listed under "ProductVersion" to whatever you desire.


    You might not be able to write to the file because it's system-protected (in Lion, TextEdit will let you unlock system files). To work around this problem, "Save As" this file to the desktop, or some other random place where you can find it. While saving it, make sure you uncheck the option to convert it into a .txt file.

    Credits to insanelymac and macbreaker
    5 years ago
    I'm with Lester. Display tag is putting the path to your JSP, so the JSP is called directly, without calling your struts action. Try adding requestURI="" attribute in the display table definition
    Congrats to the winners
    9 years ago
    I believe that this is a locale/timezone problem. As I've said before, try to set the locale of the date formatter, and see what happens.
    9 years ago
    Try to set the locale of the date formatter.
    9 years ago