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Recent posts by glkishore

Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:
The Java Ranch has thousands of visitors every week, many with surprisingly similar names. To avoid confusion we have a naming convention, described at . We require names to have at least two words, separated by a space, and strongly recommend that you use your full real name. Please log in again with a new name which meets the requirements.

hello mark,
i have read naming convention, it says if i am a register user, then i have to register again to change the name. please let me know can i change my ID or i have to register again for the name which follows naming convention.

18 years ago
in profile page, it is showing a field with ICQNumber. anyone can tell me what it is and where to get it.
18 years ago
i am using JWS, here is my servlet calling code:
void getData(String url) throws IOException {
HttpConnection c = null;
InputStream is = null;
StringBuffer b = new StringBuffer();
TextBox t = null;
try {
c = (HttpConnection);
c.setRequestProperty("IF-Modified-Since","20 Jan 2001 16:19:14 GMT");
c.setRequestProperty("User-Agent","Profile/MIDP-1.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.0");
c.setRequestProperty("Content-Language", "en-CA");
is = c.openDataInputStream();
int ch;
// receive response and display it in a textbox.
while ((ch = != -1) {
b.append((char) ch);

} finally {
if(is!= null) { is.close(); }
if(c != null) { c.close(); }
t = new TextBox("First Servlet", b.toString(), 1024, 0);
18 years ago
which platfrom u r using? anyway, increase the Virtual memory from the settings. that should solve your problem.
18 years ago
i am calling a servlet from my MIDlet. it is working fine, but when i click submit first it is giving the following Error:
Exception: java/lang/ClassNotFoundException
com/sun/midp/io/InternalConnector.openPrim (static) IP = 102
com/sun/midp/io/InternalConnector.openInternal (static) IP = 9
com/sun/midp/io/j2me/http/Protocol.connect (virtual) IP = 92
com/sun/midp/io/j2me/http/Protocol$PrivateOutputStream.flush (virtual) IP = 17
java/io/DataOutputStream.flush (virtual) IP = 7
SecondMidletServlet.invokeServlet (virtual) IP = 163
SecondMidletServlet.commandAction (virtual) IP = 66
javax/microedition/lcdui/Display$DisplayAccessor.commandAction (virtual) IP = 99
com/sun/kvem/midp/lcdui/EmulEventHandler$ (virtual) IP = 430
i couldn't trace, why it is comming, even though it is not giveing any problem, i want to get rid of this. any once can help me how can solve this problem.
18 years ago
hai, i didn't face any problem in adding the images to the list. you might have missed to put "/" before the image as it resides in Res folder. check it out, if you still have the difficulty send me your email id, so that i can post my small prog. to you.
18 years ago
Hi Balaji,
thanks for the replay. My exact problem is:
if you worte a game midlet and put that in your website, i know the url, and i want to access it.think i have all permissions. How to do it. (Like accessing the website from a browser)
i am able to access the servlets and files from the web server, where for this, program resides in my plam device(emulator). if i am accessing some others, program will be some where not on my device.
please let me know how to this, i am stuck here.
Thank you.
18 years ago
hi, go to this site
there you in wireless section you can fine a zip file, full of examples. (
best of luck.

[This message has been edited by glkishore (edited July 31, 2001).]
18 years ago
i have written some midlets, i wants to keep thses in my webserver and call it from my emulatorso that i can run it there.
Is it possible to do this?
if yes, some body can give me how to do it...please
thank you
18 years ago