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Never mind, i solved the problem
If anyone is interested i found the solution here
11 years ago

I have a web app in which the user uploads some images to the server.

Currently the upload is done in the deployed dir of the war file and every time i restart the server i lose all the uploaded pictures.

I understand that JBoss AS has a directory name data in server/default/data in which i can save the pictures and i do that.

My problem is that i don't know how to retrive those pictures and display them in a jsp.

From the servlet i set a bean on the request that contains a name a price and i want it to contain a path to an image in the data folder .

Can you please tell me how i can do that?

Thank you
11 years ago

Can you please tell me how can i acces a picture stored in jboss server/default/data directory in my jsp?

Thank you.
11 years ago
You can always use eclipse. It solves a lot of path related issues
Octavian you can go here and click on Java Technology and folow the steps from there. You have to order the voucher from Greece.I did this for scjp and scwcd and it worked.If you are unclear send me a messageon javaranch.
Good luck with scea
Thanks guys,

One question: How fast does the info on this page update. Because i checked today and it wasn't updated.Does it need a day or 2 to update?

Thank you in advance
12 years ago
Hello ranchers,

Today i cleared the SCWCD exam with 98%

Thank you: - HFSJ 2nd edition
- javabeat mock exams
- this forum and topics which cleared my doubts about some topics

The exam was relatively easy but the questions on this topic Section 9: Building JSP Pages Using Tag Libraries were quite dificult and needed a bit more concentration.
Now i'm going to get drunk as HFSJ says in some pages. I

passed the exam and now i can consume large quantities of alcoohol

Next a break and then i thing SCMAD (a passion of mine )
12 years ago
As far as i know you have to get the request from the pageContext implicit object and then get the requests attributes.If you say pageContext.getAttribute('attrName') it will get a page scoped attribute, not request scope.You can however say pageContext.getAttribute('attrName',scope) and get the desired attribute at the desired scope
I recently passed scjp 5.0 with the score of 79%...but this was after i failed once ...hope i'll pass the next ones (scwcd and scbcd - for now) from the first time
13 years ago