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since Jul 10, 2001
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Recent posts by Gnome986

code here:

here i use finally to catch the exception,but why compiler will occur error and tell me FileNotFoundException didn't be catch?
I wanna use JTree widget to make a file explore,but i don't know how to get the disk information,that is say i don' know the partitions(for example,c:,d:,etc) information on the custom's computer. Additional,i wanna the program be cross platform,so if i have to write different programs which run under win and linux operate system?
Plz don't ask me why not put the poster in the board of Swing,and i will tell u i have done that already,but no one help me at all.

[This message has been edited by Gnome986 (edited August 28, 2001).]
I thank there must be many export of java can answer my question which barreled me for a long time,but to this day,no one answer anyone.what's wrong?
22 years ago
i wanna write a java editor which can edit file and compile .java to .class.
here is my code:

i wanna catch the std output and display it in a JTextArea,but when i run those code,alway lanch a new window.
how can tell me how to do? and who give me some snippet about it,thanks.
22 years ago
I wanna use JTree widget to make a file explore,but i don't know how to detect the disk information of custom's computer..that is say i don't know who many drivers (for example c:,d:,etc) on the custom's computer.Additional,i wanna the program is cross platform.
thanks anyone who help me
22 years ago
I think that two methods are all work well
import java.awt.Color;
public class test
public static void main(String[] args)
Color a =;
Color b =;
if ( a == b )
System.out.println( "equal" );
System.out.println( "unequal" );
my question is:
a == b means var a and var b have same address.
and a.equals(b) means a and b have same value.
so i think the output should be "unequal"
but the output is "equal"
can u give me a copy of sample code about what you said?
thanks very much
22 years ago
Which methods can be legally applied to a string object?
the answer is a b c d e
my question is focus on a.
because i have viewd the api for jdk1.3 and i merely find the method of equals(Object obj) at the the class of String.So i think the answer shouldn't include a.
my english is poor so i don't know if i explain clearly.