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Please give the full error message and how you are starting. I am running WSAD5 and WAS5 on far so good.
The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that you may not have set up a pre-existing username/password (from your OS) during the initial installation of WAS.
18 years ago

Originally posted by John Fontana:
I have seen reports that Websphere has a somewhat higher market share. The Websphere evaluation will not run on Windows XP, which is why I went with Weblogic...but I have played a bit with Websphere - it is safe to say that if you get to know one very well, as Mark pointed out, it would only take a fraction of the time to learn the other...

I got Websphere running fine on XP, and yes, Websphere does have larger marketshare in all middleware: portals, app server and integration (according to this quarter's Gartner results). I'd say Websphere is a safe bet.
18 years ago
What if you stole something, lived off of it for many years and grew comfortable with it, but never realized it was stolen?
18 years ago
From an administrator's perspective, Websphere 5 is also easier to manage if you have a distributed system. It also has a MUCH better administrative UI and all the files are kept in the file system (as opposed to the weird db in 4). There are a lot of benefits to 5. Go to the Websphere Redbooks site for more info.
I do'nt have much experience using it in a mixed environment, however. But if you are choosing either 4 or 5 across the board, I'd go with 5.
Here might be a useful migration guide:
18 years ago
Indian is different Native American. Indian = people from/in India. Native American = people who got jacked by the US a hundred years ago and are now consigned to reservations
That being said, my favorite and only Indian movie I've seen is: Monsoon Wedding.
My favorite Native American themed movie is Spirit (yes, the cartoon horse).
18 years ago
Hi there,
Not sure if this has been raised before, but could yall provide a link to the new forum/thread when a thread is moved from one place to another?
18 years ago
Do any of you know if IBM will be a sponsor at JavaOne this year? If not, isn't that odd?
18 years ago
I use Eric Burke's Java and XSLT. I also have Wrox's Java and XML, but found it to be too .... big.
I just use Burke's book and look for other things online and that seems to work ok.
How about writing a class in Java that can reference the local drives and find out where they are located.
Then have the XSLT call this Java class and get back the path information?
This seems technically feasible?
You can call Java code within XSLT thereby using the JDK's decoder class to decode it.
I believe by default xml files are UTF-8.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
or this?
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
I don't have a solution for your problem, but to mitigate a concern for your proposed solution #2, perhaps you can store all your image paths in one xml config file and have all your XSLT stylesheets reference that file.
Therefore, if the paths change, all you have to do is change one xml file.

Originally posted by Gerald Davis:
I don’t seem any smarter then Forest Gump and a black Forest at that.

Besides your incredibly poor English skills, another possible reason for your unemployment could be your subtle racist remarks....
So before you critize companies, economies, recruiters, etc...first look at yourself with a discerning eye.
18 years ago