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Just confirmed with Oracle Customer Support that
> the URL to pay and download the assignment is still
> Part-3 can be taken at prometric (till 31st May) and in PearsonVUE after that.
> Part-3 can be taken only after the assignment has been submitted and graded.
> The email address given for assignment submissioin on
is correct.


Nilessh Ganu wrote: Hi,

I have cleared OCMJEA Part 1 and have not yet downloaded the assignment for Part 2 yet.
I am now able to login into my Pearson web account. I could see the original ORACLE Testing id there.

I need to download the assignment, but I am not finding a way to do it from the Pearson's web account. I didn't find the exam(1Z0-865) listed in the list as well. However I could see the Essay exam listed there.

1Z0-866 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay Exam

Perhaps the assignment download is not available from the web account ?
Do I need to download the assignment from: (first time registration) ?
Do first time registration has a payment step before downloading the assignment or we need to have voucher purchased from OCP before hand ?