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Recent posts by Andrey Karayvansky

Hi Rufat,

Russia has a kind of lobby - it is has a regional agency of Oracle/Sun in Moscow. In Kiev we do not have one. We used to have, but it was closed couple of years ago. Possibly there is no any in Azerbaijan as well. I called Moscow Oracle, but they refused to give me any information about Sun exams (Moscow is a beautiful city ). I wrote to Oracle support, but they asked me to wait 3-5 days. 4 days are already left ) I wrote to Prometric and they asked me for screenshots with 125 price. I send them, and they missed somewhere. )
Hi All,

Couple of days ago I prepared for my exam and wanted to set an appointment in one of our Prometric centers in Kiev. I was glad too see on Oracle site the price for the exam will be 125 USD (for emerging countries. I live in Urakine and it is one of them). I remembered my Prometric account (I did not passed exams since 2008) and tried to register for the exam. I stepped through the wizard, and on a summary page I saw that the price is 300 USD. No options, at all...

I wrote couple of letters: to prometric, to US oracle and to Moscow oracle. Promteric responded that the the price is 300$, Moscow oracle said that the price should be 125$ (Russia is also emerging country :-D , and also it is a node in our East Europe region), US oracle did not respond anything sane.

This situation is annoying me a lot. 300 and 125 $ is a big difference especially for my country. Oracle post the prices on their site, but I have no opportunity to buy a voucher!

Ok, these organizations are big and it is maybe difficult process to join them together, but today I checked the oracle prices for sun exam, and... They changed the prices! No emerging countries! 300$ for everyone regardless of location! Here is the link

Orcale prices for exams

Such treatment is not good! I did not planned to give so much money for this exam!

If someone have or had similar problems, please share your experience.
Hi guys!

I wonder, can I buy the book in PDF, CHM or other electronic format? I would like to order the book on amazon, but it looks like they have only paperback. I do not like taking care of shipment.
This is just great!

How you fill about your experience, was it helpful for exam?
And how about mock exams: have you used any of them? Was it helpful?
10 years ago
Today I have passed the exam. Actually the score a little bit confused me as I expected more.
For exam takers I can say that you should be maximum concentrated and careful; use marks. The question does not look like though, however I have contrived to make 10 mistakes... Use your time rational and don't hurry. I have finished the exam about an hour earlier and maybe this was the issue.

And some words about mock tests:
I have used whizlabs and enthuware preparation kits. I assume that both are useful. However I should say that whizlabs is really less qualitative. Both kits contain errors, but there are much more of them in wizlabs kit. And of course the price... So I would not recommend use whizlabs as only one preparation kit.
10 years ago
I agree with Sergio, concrete vendor implementation is not an indicator.

There is a mistake in the question.
Congratulations! 1.5 month with such score is great!
I am planning to take the exam as well. Today I have finished reading study material, and I want to proceed with mock tests. However there is so much information, so I don't even know what results to expect. Scary thing :-)
Thank you, Christophe
Hi guys!

Maybe this is offtopic or something like this, however pardon me if it so, I am just very new in EJB.

Please provide me with complete EJB3 environment, that will be enought for coding during preparation to SCBCD5. Something like minimal preparation kit software.
Yesterday I have done it with 86%! I thought the exam is more complicated, nevertheless I've shown my inattention

Guys! Thank you! Javaranch resource is very helpful!
11 years ago