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works fine on my machine, but then i do have the latest version of the java runtime. I think in the past you had to download the swing classes seperately as a plugin to be able to use them in a browser, possibly the people who can't see the button have older versions of the java runtime. If you want to make sure it work avoid swing and use the AWT
16 years ago
I took this exam the other day, and passed with 88%, and like you at the begining I was a little dismayed with the lack of books, mock exams and other resources. The good news is that you don't need them, just go through the JDevloper documentation and tutorials with reference to the exam content - all these are on the Oracle website.
The following is what I can remember from the exam, and take heart, the exam is much easier then the Java Programmer one
1. What does the green light mean next to a java class in the Navigation pane?
the class has a static main method and is therefore runnable
2. Where are .jpr files saved?
in the Source root directory
3. What does it mean when a project file appears in italics in the Navigation pane?
a file in the project has been added or removed or
the project properties have been changed and it has not been saved
4. Which to buttons will run a java class?
run and debug
5 WHat 2 ways are there to add a component to a container?
click on the component palette and click on the container in the Designer
click on the component palette and click on the component in the Structure pane
6. Whats the difference between Make and Rebuild?
rebuild only compiles classes whoes source files have changed
7. Two correct characteristics of a Jar file
a type of zip file
contains a manifest file
8. How do you deploy to a Jar?
generate a deployment profile using the deployment wizard
9. How does JDeveloper preserve a Bean's state?
10. What would be the corrosponding method for a bean property of type string called name?
public String getName()
11. How does JDev discover a Beans properties
using reflection, ehich will retrieve all get and set methods
using the related BeanInfo class (if there is one)
12. Do you use SimpleBeanInfo as a helper class to generate your own BeanINfo classes?
no. SimpleBeanInfo is an implementation of BeanInfo
13. What do ApplicationModules contain?
am is a logical grouping of all the business objects for a particular application

Having got to 13 my minds gone a bit blank, but there were questions on:
the 4 types of validation Compare, List, Range, Method
Using Domain objects for validation
what events are fired by DAC's and how they can be used for validation
The different ways DC4J and DAC can be deployed
the difference between Associations and Links (Links work on ViewObjects and only work one-way, Associations work on EntityObjects)
Attributes, they represent a 'column' of an entity object
how you bind data-aware controls to business components
what the different jsp expressions mean <% %>,<%+ %>, <%@ %> ect...
some stuff about WebBeans and DataWebBeans and how to add then using the JSP Element Wizard
Good to know what all the Wizards do
There is a demo practice test you can do at http://online.selftestsoftware.com/
OK I've re-registered with my real name. As for why I posted in this forum, I thought the Developer forum related to the Sun Developer Exam and that this one was for general mock exam queries
18 years ago